The Three Musketeers — Alexandre Dumas

This book was a bit… strange. I’ll be forever grateful that I took the time to immerse myself in such a wonderful world. But at the same time, I’m sad that it took me forever to love this book.

  • At first the writing style annoyed me. It would go from this 3rd person overview to 2nd person lets go down and see them together at eye level style of writing. I don’t even think that description makes sense. But it’s how I felt. It was weird and awkward for me to get into.
  • It also felt like this book was some sort of slapstick comedy at first for me. This may or may not have been brought on by the fact that I was binging on Remington Steele at the time. That show is so much of slapstick comedy that it may have influenced how I perceived that characters and their actions. Heck, is that even possible?
  • But the nice thing about imagining the characters as so over the top is that it eventually played into the comedic genius that this book was. I actually kind of enjoyed it. The characters took barbs at each other and at one point, Milady (I believe) was called Lady Macbeth. I’m pretty sure that was one of the best book insults that I’ve ever come across. Just the fact that someone had the strength to throw out that kind of insult to a person with such power. phew.
  • that being said, this book made me laugh. so much. I’d just be sitting there waiting for class to start and I’d be chuckling to myself. And people would stare (possibly because I was reading The Three Musketeers and not so much because I was laughing). Then there’s the times I actually would just sit in a place and actually laugh out loud.
  • And let me not forget the ending. Those last two or three chapters had me about sitting in tears. I was at least whimpering.

I couldn’t rate this book with stars on goodreads. I mean… it was an amazing book. 5 stars hands down. But it took me so long to love this book. I wasn’t even sure I would finish at a few points (yes, I admitted to that). So 1 star. But the book doesn’t deserve that. I could go split down the middle. 3 stars. But the book deserves more than that. Get my problem?

All I can do is suggest you try it for yourself and form your own opinions =)


2 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers — Alexandre Dumas

  1. Wonderful review, Charity! It was interesting to know about the shift from the 3rd person to the 2nd person narration. I didn’t notice that and will have to read the book again and check it out. The book definitely has a lot of comic dialogue which is very wonderful. I read the book first when I was in school and I always thought that Milady was a black-hearted villian, but when I read the book again last year, I felt that she was a more complex person than that. Did you feel that way too? The ending was really sad. The first time I read it, I was sad for days. Which translation did you read? Was it the Richard Pevear one?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this beautiful book. In case you are interested, you can find my review of it here

    1. I don’t know which translation I had. It was quite a bit older and I had borrowed from someone. But I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t Richard Pevear one that everyone told me to read. In any case, it was quite enjoyable.

      About Milday. I didn’t exactly care for her, but I didn’t see her as a total monster either. They shouldn’t have done what they did.

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