Reign (TV show)

I should probably mention right here and now that this post ins going to be filled with spoilers. Read at your own risk.

I seem to be up for shows that break my heart lately. I thrive on the emotional turmoil, apparently. Especially since there is a new joke around my and my friend that I’m “heartless.  But this is more because none of the characters don’t end up with who they’re supposed to end up with (according to me)  more than bad things happen.

Let me put it this way: I do not like Mary and Francis together. Sure, she’s the queen of Scotland and He’s the king of France. They essentially belong together. But they… don’t. They both have strong personalities. They’re both rulers of separate countries. And it brings a lot of discord to the relationship even though they keep finding their ways back to each other.

I was a huge supporter of the whole Bash/Mary story line. It was priceless because it was so inconceivable. He was sweeter to her. And there was a lot less power running between them. Mary didn’t need to insert her authority because Bash didn’t have any.

So when Bash and Kenna were forced together (after Francis and Mary were wed) by the King I was hurt. Even though Bash and Mary couldn’t be together anymore anyways, this union still hurt. But they surprisingly this coupling grew on me as they awkwardly grew together. Even more surprising was when Kenna took in Pascal even though she claimed she couldn’t be a mother. Better yet was that Bash just looked surprised at the fact that she did this. I actually kind of want them to have kids now, or a plot involving something like that.

And no. This doesn’t make me like Francis and Mary together any more than I already do. It just gives me something to root for.

I have other issues with this show as well. I may not be well read up on the time period where this spends its time, but I don’t imagine things going the way it has.

The clothes? Sure, there’s the basis of the time period. But they are also blatantly modern in some respects.

I also have a hard time imagining the females (well, all characters really) being the sexpots that they are in this show. Then again, this show comes from the CW, so it really doesn’t surprise me. I actually made a mental note of how long it would take for two characters to be in bed together. It wasn’t long at all. The real surprise is just the fact that the characters talk of sex so freely. For this time period? Doesn’t seem right. not… proper. Again, this show comes from the CW, so again I’m not surprised. Just really really shocked. Like “whoaaa. they had this kind of vocabulary back then?”

This show is so… strange. There’s backstabbing. Murder. Do what you have to to get what you want. Screw people if you have to (figuratively and literally). Not a lot to root for. But yet I press on because it’s just so freaking fascinating.

Lastly: Torrance Coombs (Bash) is gorgeous. I may not have been a fan of his character on Heartland. But here? I can live with this character to a point, even in his jerk moments.


2 thoughts on “Reign (TV show)

  1. I really want to comment here, but I watched the first episode of ‘Reign’ and have saved it on DVR to watch later. I saw your spoiler warning and thought that I will come back later and comment, after I have watched the first season. Glad to know that you liked the show. Looking forward to talking to you about it.

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