Characters as Hypocrites

*Spoilers. Read at your own risk*

One of my favorite things about reading The Selection series was finding out that Kiera Cass was a Christian. Suddenly things made a lot more sense. The whole “waiting for marriage” thing was the big tip off along with the praying before meals.

And even though Religion isn’t an overt part of the society that Cass created, it is a part of it. Go back to the praying before meals. The King prays. Everyone adheres and lets him do it. No one objects. It implies (to me) that it’s just a normal part of society. (Unless you really want to argue that no one argued because he was King, and therefore arguing probably would have gotten you killed).

Then you get to books two and three. The king takes a dramatically different turn. You find out he beats his son. Regularly. It’s been going on for years and Maxon has learned how to keep quiet. He doesn’t treat the Queen much better. And I haven’t even touched on what he does to American and the other girls in the selection. That was disturbing, to say the least.

It makes me sad that someone with so much power could end up abusing it on such a personal level. No. Screw that thinking. The king abused everyone from his wife/son down to those who are eights. It makes me sad that someone who is supposedly religious (even though the books don’t get that deep into it) can be so freaking abusive. At least the King didn’t try to claim religion for his actions – he only wanted what was best for his son.

A lot can be said of Marcus Eaton (Four’s father) from the Divergent series. Veronica Roth is also a Christian and those tones seep through as well – especially with the way she writes the factions, particularly Abnegation. Which is probably why Marcus’s abusive tendencies hurt a lot more on a personal level. Marcus uses his position in a faction that has a basis in faith for what he does. And he gets away with it. Well… for awhile. Until Four fights back and people actually learn the truth.

I may never like these characters. I may always want to toss them into the Game of Throne series (It’s a twisted philosophy, I know). They don’t have any chance of redemption for me.

Hm. Anyways. These are just my thoughts. Feel free to disagree and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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