Gilmore Girls

where you lead, I will follow, anywhere that you tell me to.

The lines come from the iconic tv show theme belonging to the show known as Gilmore Girls. And as I finally finished up the show today, I realized a lot of things about this show. Do I love it? Heck yes. Do I have favorite episodes? You betcha. Will I rewatch the show? Parts of it, yes.

Granted, it’s only taken me about seven years to watch the show. Years of getting a disk at a time via Netflix finally met it being put on instant viewing. Thank. goodness. Granted, I might not be brushed up on everything related to this show, but I’ll try.

Let me just say, this show is super snappy. fast paced. witty. enough obscure references that I’ll never get them all. Although apparently I know what Love story, The Fly, and That Girl are.  and Trust me when I say you don’t want to know what any of them are.

So…where do I start?

I never liked Dean. I’ve already written a blog post detailing my views.

Then came Jess. He’s my favorite of all the guys Rory ever dated. He’s nice and snarky. Smart even though he pretends he isn’t. Sure, he runs away from problems instead of facing problems. And he likes to argue a bit too much. Yet he’s still my favorite personality wise and with Rory.

I’m not exactly a Logan fan either. He’s better than Dean on so many levels, but he’s not Jess. Sure, his relationship with Rory started out all nice and sweet. I love how they got started. But then too many things went wrong, like Logan “cheating” on Rory (which he totally did). Or all the crap they unwittingly put each other through, usually Logan’s fault. Yet they kept crawling back. I kind of found that unhealthy in a way.

And I was totally a fan of Luke and Lorelai. They totally belonged together. Out of all the romantic relationships on this show, totally my favorite. Yes, they put each other through crap. They were jerks to each other. And yet… they spent so much time building that relationship before they ever entertained romantic notions (even though everyone could see it). And I hate that the show left us with such an ambiguous ending, although I’m believing they ended up happy together.

I only have one huge major complaint about this show. Don’t get wrong here. I love how this show shows us how to follow your dreams. No, I was not a fan of Rory dropping out of Yale, even though it showed that sometimes even the best of the best fail. That’s still not my issue. It’s when Rory goes back to Yale. She carries a more than full caseload. Editor of the Yale Daily News. Has a relationship. Complains about it kind of frequently.

and yet still makes it back to Stars Hollow for every major event. and lets not forget graduating on time with honors.

I find that a bit incredible.

For as much as I love this show… I had issues with seasons 6/7. Except for Rory freaking out about the future. that was perfect. Probably because as a college senior I understand it.


4 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls

  1. Beautiful post, Charity! I have finished watching just two seasons of ‘Gilmore Girls’ and so have not encountered some of the characters (Logan) and some of the scenes that you have mentioned. I am looking forward to starting season 3 soon. I loved what you said about Jess. Hope he and Rory had ended up together. The relationship between Lorelai and Luke was very beautiful. They made me think of Karen and Keith from ‘One Tree Hill’. But I liked Lorelai and Luke more. The ending that you have imagined for them – I love that.

    1. The relationship between Luke and Lorelai didn’t remind me of Keith and Karen until you said it did. Besides – much happier ending AKA no one died in this show.

      I hope you love it as much as I (and most of the people I know) do!!

  2. Interesting factoid: Amy Sherman Palladino, the original creator of Gilmore Girls, quit as the head writer after the 5th season because the network was pushing her to go a direction she didn’t want to. So all those places in the last few seasons where you are feeling like it just doesn’t FEEL like what Rory or Lorelai would do, well, it’s not what the creator wanted for the show! So I often imagine an alternate-reality Gilmore Girls where things end the way they were supposed to.

    1. I thought she quit after season 6?? Anyways. Yes I could see it in those freakishly LONG rants from season 7. Just… No. But either way you can tell.
      Glad you finally had time to view this!! 🙂

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