Experiencing Doctor Who

See the title? I’ve apparently recently become a… whovian. yep. said that. out loud several times lately. And typed it. Never thought I would. Yet here I am. And can I just say, it feels good. it feels amazing to start owning up to be being a nerd. Or, as 9 would say, “fantastic!”

I was not a fan of 9, though. He was, for me, hard to like. It, in turn made it hard to watch the show. I honestly don’t know what it was. I just never connected with the character. I didn’t care for how he interacted with Rose. The show just dragged. But I liked the premise and carried on.

But then came 10. After the last seasons tie ins to the finale, I got to meet 10. I instantly became a fan. First of all, It’s David Tennant. If you don’t like Tennant, in anything he’s ever been in, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.

He was bouncy and all over the place. Energetic. Enthusiastic. He wore glasses and had that  wonderful accent And he had wonderful, and I mean wonderful long spiels. These long speeches and I just had to wonder how the heck he got them out without bungling. For that fun, look up doctor who bloopers on youtube.

My favorite was when he first regenerated into 10 and had his “I don’t know what kind of man I am yet” speech. I can’t find it anywhere and it saddens me that no one has made a video or gif yet of it. it’s like… how do people not find that important??? But from there my appreciation of 10 grew until his last few episodes. then, I began to detest him with every fiber of my being. I didn’t like who he eventually became.

But, the nice thing about that is that it brought me to 11. I surprisingly liked 11 (and was upset he had to regenerate by himself). he was no 10 but he had his own quirks and charms with that ability to pull off long winded speeches effortlessly. He was his own version of awkward. I really enjoyed his moral compass, so to speak. in the first episode, him acting like a 12 year old when he saw what was on that guy’s computer and told him to “delete your internet history,” Him being squeamish about that sort of stuff cracked me up most of the time. But, like 10, I hated his ending. It was horrible.

But, like 10 brought on 11, 11 brought 12. I haven’t watched that series yet but I can’t wait till I do. mmmm. more goodness.

and the companions?

Rose, along with her mom and rickey took some getting used to. But eventually they grew on me. They were actually quite hilarious, watching them interact with each other.

Martha was well… Martha. The Doctor never should have compared her to Rose but she never should have tried to live up to Rose either. It made her annoying.

I wasn’t a fan of Donna, either. But she most deff. didn’t deserver her ending. It broke me and I almost vowed to stop watching after that.

Then came Amy and Rory and Riversong. My favorite storyline of Dr. Who, honestly. A bit more than convoluted at times but it’s but it’s just so stinking adorable and awkward.

I have yet to like Clara, but it’s doctor who, so I’m assuming that I will.

… I still have have yet to get into classic doctor who. But I can’t wait.


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