Nothing Wrong With Me

*I’m sorry if this post seems disjointed and incoherent, but I’m slightly angry and feeling the need to possibly rant a bit (a lot). Please hang with me**

When people first like to meet me they like to ask if I have a boyfriend. I tell them “no.” They then ask if I have a girlfriend. I tell them “No” and “I don’t swing that way.” … then the people just look at me like I’m crazy or something. Like there’s something wrong with me for being single. Like it’s a crime. 

It drives me nuts that people seem there’s something wrong with me because I’m in my early twenties and SINGLE. Trust me, there are many worse things I could be than without a man at my side.

And to make things worse, I like to wear my hair up. So, whenever I fancy wearing my hair down people tend to notice. & I don’t wear my hair down to get noticed. I don’t think. I do it because I feel like it. Anyways. I wear my hair down and people tell me to “wear it down more often. it makes you look so pretty.” … what people don’t seem to understand is that I don’t enjoy having my hair in my face (although being able to hide my face behind it has it’s perks).

This is not helped by the fact that I rarely wear makeup. I don’t see the point. It’s a waste of money that makes me feel like I have a mask on my face. But that’s what it is, a mask. supposed to make women (and men) feel prettier when actually it makes me feel the opposite. So I just don’t deal with it.

& a few weeks ago my sister and I were talking about what we would say to a guy if we introduced ourselves. I ended up saying something about how I would go “my name is charity. I like books, netflix, and sarcasm.” … I probably should have tacked on the fact that I’m a nerd, but anyone who hangs around me long enough is going to find that out. I may be socially awkward but I do know how to talk if there’s a subject I like (look above. books. tv shows, sarcasm).

Let me be clear: there are many many things wrong with me. BUT and this is a huge BUT: there is NOTHING wrong with me because I’m single, because of how I choose to look, or because of my hobbies. 

*end rant*


4 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With Me

    1. I think the worst part is (i forgot to include it in my blog) is that it seems like (to me) that people almost insinuate that i would actually have a boyfriend if i always did my hair and wore makeup.

      I happen to know there isnt anything wrong with being single and whatnot. But i shouldnt have to apologize for it either. Like “im sorry for not adhering to society’s standards.” … But oh wait. Im not sorry for being the way i am.

      Phew. That reply ended up being longer than i anticipated.

  1. Your worth isn’t determined by whether or not you have a spouse/partner/boyfriend. Trust me. I know. Sometimes I want to quote the whole Princess Bride thing about “why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice in it” when people bring up the “Why are you single” question. I have come to realize that it is more about them than it is about me. If you aren’t fitting in with their mold then suddenly they don’t know how to classify you, therefore, know how to relate to you.
    You are splendid, sarcastic, creative, and opinionated. There is nothing wrong with any of that. Go on, be your bad, single, self!

    1. Hm. Never thought to think of it in that way before. That people need a way to classify me in order to underdstand me. Doesnt mean i have to like it, right???

      & Sarcastic. That’s the best compliment I’ve gotten recently because not everyone always appreciates it ☺

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