Ready Player One — Ernest Cline

Do you enjoy staying up until 3 o’clock in the morning reading? Do you enjoy finishing books in roughly 24 hours? And do you enjoy wandering around in a stupor not knowing what to do with your life after finishing a book? If so, then this book is for YOU.

But for me… I was kind of scared going into it. I love 80’s related things, but not enough to know everything. Yeah, sure, friends can recommend books, and although they are good for recommendations that doesn’t mean you’re going to actually like it.

Thankfully the narrator was just a little spitfire of sarcasm which I just loved. He was a bit clueless, and sometimes he even lost direction in what he was doing. I think that people call it getting sidetracked. He was clueless most of the time But you want to know something? He also had some pretty great personality traits. He was trustworthy. Besides, there’s always bonus points for accepting people for who they are no matter what.

Which brings me to the supporting cast of characters was well thought out and differentiating. Also, leads to one of the biggest surprises of the book, happily. Gotta say… people aren’t always who they say they are, especially in the form of online.

So, there’s a part of me that loved this book and the plot with its twists and the characters with all their differences. Then there’s a part of me that was equally disturbed by what society had become. It had me cringing in places, obviously. From the way people lived in those conditions to the way people chose to live in virtual reality because of this, down to the IOS (if nothing else from this book and the way society is formed keeps you up at night, I hope this does). *shivers*. Well, if you want to know how society is going to turn out…

There were two things I didn’t like: I can understand needing to understand the 80’s to understand the references, but at a few points it felt like reference overload. As in… everything in the 80’s was being referenced because they could. It was kind of overload and it made a few places hard to read.
There’s also a certain kind of demented charm that comes from trying to figure out what an author does or doesn’t believe in by reading. and for me having certain things just thrown into my face made me not a fan.
For someone who knows minimal things about the 80s and next to nothing about video games, this novel was practically perfect.

*and if there’s ever a movie, I’ll be there*


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