Divergent, Part II

Let me type something, right here, right now. I love the divergent books. I freaking love them. It’s a brilliant message of a world that no one should have to live through. Nature VS. Nurture. Is it possible to adhere to a strict way of life in society? Would you choose how your brain thought instead of staying with family? “Faction before blood,” isn’t it?

But then the books suddenly… lose me. I have to explain.

Everybody seems to say that the relationship between Four and Tris is “healthy.” and I’m over here thinking “healthy? I don’t know what they’re talking about.” Because seriously. I’m sorry. They’re relationship isn’t the worst by a long shot (read: twilight) but it’s also not anywhere near healthy. or adultish as it’s being painted. Four and Tris are both a bit selfish. They don’t take the other into consideration. They actually almost refuse to. They spend a lot of time apologizing for the stupid, and I mean stupid, crap they pull.

They can think they’re being brave and doing the right thing when really I just see it as harmful . Not to each person individually but as a couple, most definitely.

Which brings me to Tris. She’s much more selfish than Four. He just kind of grumpily rolls with it while doing his own thing. But Tris? A whole other story. She becomes increasingly selfish as the books go along. She may want to be “helpful” when really it’s just not. It’s harmful. It also gives her the ending. But we don’t talk about the ending.

Think what you want. Feel free to disagree. But this is what  I get for being candor =)


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