The Newsroom (TV Show)

*Spoilers. Always spoilers. Be warned* 

“If it has Aaron Sorkin’s name on it, I’ll probably watch it.” — That’s me, after polishing off all seven seasons of The West wing (and yes, I know, Sorkin was only there for four of them), then diving into The Newsroom. It is not that same smooth, polished, architecture, I’ll say that. But it’s smart, witty, and disjointed while still featuring some of the best soliloquies (rants) from everyone.

Season one. Eh. Will’s “greatest country in the world” speech (or should I say, opposite of greatest country of the world speech) drew me in and went from there. Are you kidding me? It’s one of the last things I would have suspected, but it gave what the rest of the show would look like. A crazy man leading up a news team by and ex and an alcoholic, along with a bunch of other randoms. Even throughout the first season, everything was there. The group went through crap, from adjusting to each other to just finding a freaking niche – which by the way they found. Both in the professional world and in my heart.

Season 2. Infinitely better than season 1, in my opinion. Once I figured out what was going as a season long plot, I got into it and it got less twisted. Besides, the plot was better. I prefer season long arches. And let me talk about character. Everyone grew. Well, almost everyone. Maggie’s story line pissed me off quite a bit. I didn’t like who she became. At the same time you had Sloan and Don bonding. all the time. They are my favorite friendship/couple from this show. Well… then there’s Mac and Will, which is an acquired taste because of their past. It brought on the weirdest and I mean weirdest proposal. ever. I don’t care how much I love them together. Just… no. Find another way to tell a woman that you love her, okay? Or…not.

Season 3. My thoughts for this season. WHYYY??? dang you, Aaron Sorkin. WHYYY??? I’m glad there’s a third season and all but why did it have to go like that? just… beautiful and heartbreaking all in one shot. I liked the last episode even though it brought me close to tears. I liked seeing how everything came round, Charlie orchestrating everything. and OH! happy news all around. Mac and Will’s being my favorite. obviously. But what happened to everyone else? Do Don and Sloan remain happy. I’d like to think they randomly got married just because. Or even Jim and Maggie. They made us wait for that one AND IT WASN’T FAIR. I’d like to think they ended up happy as well.

… too many unanswered questions for what the future would bring. (This might even bring me to start writing fanfiction but goodness knows that I won’t).

Other random Tidbit…

Neal. He may have been a bit of a crackpot but neither did he get what he deserved. He was so underrated until those last few episodes. In a way he was my favorite because he was the underdog.

25 episodes. 25 freaking episodes. That’s all it took for me to fall in love and get so emotionally wrapped up in each of the character’s lives. Yelling at Will for hurting Mac. Yelling because who belonged together weren’t together (even if they eventually got that way). just… *sigh*… much too much. But goodness knows I loved almost every minute of it.


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