“I Don’t Know What That Means”

Recognize the quote? If you don’t, it’s one of the many iconic sayings from the titular character on the TV show Bones. She’s totally out of the loop on most pop culture things. It creates a lot of hilarity, actually.

But for the purpose of this blog post, I’m talking about something a bit different. I just really love the saying and using it in real life, because I’m also a victim of usually being a bit under cultural influence. Not that you can tell by what I blog about, right?

But anyways. The title of this post, in which I’m actually referring to vocabulary. Remember the days of elementary through high school when it was forced on you? Well… I was actually a fan. I’m a sucker for learning new words. No surprise coming from a book/word nerd. Matter of fact, I still enjoy it. Except for these days it makes me feel kind of stupid, even with obscure words that tend to come out of hiding.

Teachers taught how to infer what words mean by the words around them. Well, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Because have you tried reading Moby Dick? I couldn’t go a page without looking up new words, going “seriously, Melville?” – But I can’t complain because most books I read are like that. Heck, even 1984 is giving me a run for my money.

I enjoy the brain stretching. I do. I don’t not, however, enjoy having the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) open on my phone or laptop because I prefer to stay electronic free as much as possible when I read.

Yeah, I write in books. But it’s hard to write the definitions in the margins due to length, or because seriously. No margin space sometimes. I like to jokingly think of it as lack of consideration for the reader. Then again, it’s hard to yell at characters with little margin space, too.

Anyways. More brain stretching to come. New words to be learned. Books to be read. & of course, blog posts to come. Those sorts of things that are wonderful.


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