Duff (Book and Movie)

I wasn’t a fan of Bianca. Sarcastic narrators may be my favorite, but that doesn’t mean they’re always likable. However, for me, Bianca wasn’t likable for her… erratic behavior. How she just dropped her friends because she couldn’t tell them the truth and even exchanged them for Wesley. & even at the end she doesn’t come totally clean. That doesn’t bode well for me. Thankfully she learned some boundaries by the end of it.

& I’ve most definitely never been a fan of a bad boy turned good thing. I would say turned good by a girl, but since Bianca isn’t anywhere near good I can’t say that. But against my better judgment Wesley ended up pretty swoon worthy. His letter wasn’t Darcy or Wentworth (dang you, Jane Austen) but it explained his feelings clearly and without fault. I can admire that. Also, him saying “hinky” just totally reminded me of Castle (or Nathan Fillion’s voice).

and Bianca’s mom’s advice about how no matter what, your past will always catch up with you made me smile. Even if she wasn’t there, she was still kind of brilliant. It made me want to go “brilliance. pure freaking brilliance” but at the same time throttle her for just randomly showing up and thinking she could just keep doing so.

The book as a whole reminded me of the movie Friends with Benefits (I really shouldn’t be recommending this movie to teens but it’s just so good). Except they weren’t really friends first. They had to grow into it. But they definitely used each other.

But ultimately I had to knock down the book for the ending. I have a hard time believing that everything ended that nice and neat. That there were no brawls between everyone and all that apologizing actually happened. & books that make me yell “THAT’S HOW IT ENDS” at the end in the kind of good way but slightly non-closure endings.

As for the Movie… 

Oh. Such a totally different experience. Everyone keeps comparing it to Mean Girls and I’m over here thinking “Um, She’s all that. Anyone?” I think the latter compares better, but whatever.

I can understand the frenemies with benefits relationship being cut out. If you want to keep the movie pg-13 and “teenager friendly.” Although teens are reading the book…but just the basic plotline wasn’t even there

I didn’t understand any of he other changes, honestly. I was glad it was just my friend and I in the theater when I yelled (no joke) “THEY KEPT THE WRONG PARENT!!!” There was something about having an alcoholic father in the book, and having Wesley see that side to her life that was important. It was all lost in the movie. Although keeping the aspect of what the mom did with her life. That was important.

And just… why were they turned into neighbors? I don’t get it. And creating that whole backstory that hey used to be friends. like WHAT? *shaking head and quizzical eyebrow*

Lets not go near turning Toby into a world class jerk, because he was perfectly sweet in the book. *sigh*

The movie was all cute and adorable. Let me not get that wrong. However, they shouldn’t have been able to put DUFF on it, or at least based on the book because based on the book my butt. Not even close. But I can enjoy it on its own merits of being a nice little rom-com.


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