The Last of Spring Break

The surrealism is continuing. Last week I had what will be my last spring break before real life sets in. It doesn’t seem that monumental. The truth? Oh so it is.

No, I didn’t “party” like some people. Classes resumed and everyone was talking about how much alcohol they managed to consume, and which bars were their favorites. And I was just sitting in my chair, ignoring everyone and just being glad that I got out and about to be with people.

It started by going to see DUFF. That movie. was fantastic. If you can get over the fact that it’s nothing at all like the book but it’s own wonderful little movie. (Look up previous post for those thoughts).

Then came Wednesday. I found myself in the school’s library (yes, library) in the middle of spring break. It sounds super nerdy but I really enjoyed it. I was actually catching up on homework, because…. well… I’m not the perfect student who always does her homework like people think I am. Besides, the library over break was almost empty and actually pretty enjoyable unlike most of the time.

This was followed by a different night of bowling and a movie with friends. I’m not generally out until all hours of the night. Up till who knows when, yes (look at when I post my blog half the time) but not out with people. And as I crawled into bed I found myself amazed that I actually enjoyed myself. (

Now. This was not the spring break I had imagined. I had envisioned staying at home, doing nothing but reading plenty of books on my ever growing list. I had at one time joked that 10 was the number of books I was aiming for. This ended up not happening by decision to not drink coffee which led to caffeine withdrawal and lots of eyes closed on the couch and my eventual hanging out with people.

No. This was not the spring break I had envisioned as my last. Heck, I didn’t even realize that it was my last until the end and I reflected back. I know, it sounds boring. But for me? It was actually pretty perfect and could only have been enhanced by more book time and perhaps even a trip to the bookstore. It also made me insanely grateful that I have good friends who pull me out of the house even when I don’t realize I need it. Thank Goodness.


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