Scrubs (TV Show)

I’m very very very late to this bandwagon. But you know what? I’m glad I jumped onto it at some point. Let me say, at first it was hard to get into. Unlike Grey’s, which is drama fused with comedy to points of “Seriously?!” … This was pure comedy. It was hard to get into because I kept trying to compare the two. However, at some point I just pushed through and got past it to a point of being able to binge watch enjoyably.

A few things: 

Dr. Cox and Jordan were my favorite part of this show, hands down. I don’t care how unfavorable these two presented themselves. They may have been been kind of horrible characters, but deep down they understood they each other. It gets to this place where they’re happy just to be rude to each other and with each other. Even little Jack was adorable in his rudeness. I have to admit that I kind of found it enjoyable. If that says something about me, whatever.

Secondly come J.D. and Elliot. Sure, the on/off relationship aspect was kind of annoying. But not nearly as annoying as the Ross/Rachel one. Instead of going on for seasons, after season four their romantic relationship was dropped almost entirely for the sake of friendship. You know what? I can respect that. Especially since J.D. spending most of season 3 pining for Elliot was just annoying. Even better was them living together in season 5 and their respective partners not caring that they lived together.

As for Turk and Carla? I mean. They were cute together. That was no issue. But after awhile it just kind of got old. It felt like their marital squabbles from season 5 were never fully flushed and hidden away by other things.

And Everything Else?: 

This is a show where character development is just so strong. Lets forget Elliot’s makeover from the beginning of three. I understand why it happened. But Elliot changed in other ways, too. She gained self-confidence. She became smart. She stopped leaning on others. She learned that she didn’t need to have guys to be happy. She stood up for her morals. In all, she became a sort of role model. Better yet is that she realized she didn’t have to deal with medicine forever because of what it did to her.

As for J.D.? Hm. I must say that his fantasies that he took trips into took awhile to warm up to. However, it became a running gag for other to know where he went along with what dreamed about. It just made me laugh. He also grew. Became less needy for one. He grew into his own, rightly so. Plus, a brilliant diagnostician.

Carla’s change was probably the most disappointing. No, it’s not that she had a relationship with Turk or married him or even had children. It’s what doing these things did to her. It made her a bit dismal, really. Perhaps even apathetic. I didn’t like these changes.

Lastly on this topic, I must say that Ted was probably the saddest characters ever created. I didn’t get the point. I understand he might have been created for the purpose of comedy, but to me he didn’t come off as comedic. It was just disturbing. Perhaps I’m missing something? Let me know if I am.

And friendships: 

J.D. and Turk’s bromace. It was my second favorite thing next to Cox and Jordan’s relationship. I mean, these were two men who blatantly refused to grow up. Well, they did. Or tried. However, in the name of staying young they stayed young as much as possible. Then, to make things better Carla and Elliot even understood that’d they’d almost always be second place to their respective partner. so with an EAAAAGGGLLLEE I’ll carry on.

Elliot and the Janitor. My word. it was the cutest thing but then it felt like it was suddenly cut off. Like goodness. What happened? So much time was spent on this relationship only for it to suddenly be as if it never existed. Weird, huh?

Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t enjoy their love/hate relationship. It’s not often you can find tow characters who treat each other like crap, more out of professional courtesy, but then also turn around and subvertly show a deep respect for each other. Okay. I may have enjoyed their antagonistic relationship even more than I enjoyed the J.D. and Turk bromace. If that says something about me, so be it.

Final Thoughts: 

I did say I once thought this show stupid. And it is. But at the same time there’s so much brilliance to it that I can’t help but enjoy it so so much. Yay for long running shows. Even though it hurts to finish them because you’ve spent so much time with the characters. I’m glad to have laughed and learned and cried with each and every one of the characters.


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