The Dark, Gritty Truth

Earlier today, or last night depending where you’re reading this from, I had a lovely conversation in which I admitted to two things that contradict each other. Kind of.

The first is that I had read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and liked it. Yes, I’ve read it. The blog post will have to come around eventually, now that I’ve seen the movie. What a beautiful little mind screw that will keep me up at night. When I finished, I practically yelled (since I’m good at this, remember?) “they didn’t keep the quote.” You might know the one that Go says about them literally being a nuclear family? It’s a great quote with clarity for the whole book. A few of her other quotes were missing, but well, that’s for another post.

The second is that yes, I’ve been trying, and doing so badly, to read the Game of Thrones books. I’m only on book two but it’s been months of light reading. Yes, I’m referencing Hermoine now and not doing it correctly/ with any justice. The almost 1,000 page tome has me going, but Theon gave me some pause upon our first meeting. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to continue until I did. Now I’m grateful because I’ve missed Tyrion and his forever sassy wit and poking fun at his sibling’s incest.

“I will not do to be called a whore”

Why sister, he never claimed Jaime paid you…

You rock, Tyrion. You really do.

However, this went with admitting that I had finally watched the first episode of the TV show and had issues with it. Not because I didn’t know it was coming, but because of content. Actually, I had been perfectly okay with everything until Daenery’s wedding. Now that was disturbing. I can handle the books but now the show – not surprising. I may have also admitted that Viserys had the best, if not coolest/most inventive death ever. Whatever that says about me.

This seemed to surprise the third party who heard this conversation. This doesn’t jive exactly with the mostly quiet, complacent and shy, if not argumentative and sarcastic person that she knows. It may sound weird, but I read a lot of mysteries as a kid. Still do, sometimes. They fascinate me: what humans are capable of, how we think.

Ah. My reading habits. I like them. They allow me to explore what I like and discard what I don’t. Works well for me. I also may find some sort of pleasure when people find out my reading habits. They’re not bad, they just tend to lean towards the dark and gritty and sometimes disturbing. And I’m okay with that, more so than with most things.


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