The Best Grad Gift

So, I have to admit that I recived some pretty cool grad gifts.

My dad surprised me by bringing out one of my best friends from where we used to live. One of my friends got me gum since I’m always begging her for some (inside joke for the win)!! I got a stuffed owl because I’m a night owl. People know me well. I love each and every one of them for it.

I did something a bit untraditional, though. I asked for quotes. I believe in words and the power they contain. Obvious, isn’t it?? I was surprised by the outcome.

Even more so that people delivered. Now, I have a beautiful posterboard chock full of ’em. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough. Turns out I have enough to make a second if I so desire. At this point it’s debateable.

The surprise came elsewhere, though. I ended up with three of those small leatherbound notebooks in which to contain quotes. It’s like the transportable version of my newly made posterboard, only with wayyy more room.

I eagerly started compiling and it felt kind of weird at first. Unlike when I blog here, I’m not defending myself. I like what I like. If anyone who doesn’t know me well ever catches a glimpse, I pity them because I have many interests that conflict each other.

The second best thing is that I don’t feel forced to choose between any parts of myself. Most days, I will gladly admit with pride “I’m a nerd.” Unless it’s Thursday at 8. Then I’m plain jane prescribing to normal activities because I don’t feel like Grey’s Anatomy is a nerdish thing. And don’t get me started on One Tree Hill. I watch it frequently because I can. Both shows have quotes upon quotes dedicated to them because they’re so quotable.

These two shows impacted my life at specific times. I hate the fact that I have to even defend the fact that I watch them because they’re not a “nerd” thing. I get to express my girly side that rarely makes an appearance. Because Gilmore Girls is one heck of a show.

I get to quote Doctor Who and One Tree Hill on the same page. I get to see how I’ve changed and been shaped by my old and newfound interests alike. As I told someome else, I don’t feel forced to choose between my nerdy self and my non-nerdy self because as I explained earlier: I like what I like. End of discussion.

It’s amazing how freeing that feels. I get to be me without being himdered by what others think I  should be into.

And as I like to say: that ladies and gentlemen makes all the differemce.


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