Diagnosis Murder (tv show)

This show. I have so much love and respect for it.  It may be a product of the 90s but that doesn’t mean anything. Because hey, I watch 80s and older. Besides, I was practically raised on it.

I remeber when I used to think this was the scariest show alive. These days it barely registers on my scary meter (thanks, bones).  It isn’t anywhere near graphic. There isn’t a huge fight/ shootout scene at the end of every episode. Just a deductive reasoning ending of “hey here’s what happened.” And I’m certainly not watching for the romamce because last time I checked, there wasn’t any or not a lot.

You might be wondering why I’d invest in such a show.  There are many reasons, but three in particular.

1. It’s incredibly funny. So much humor. Dick Van Dyke does deadpan humor so well. Who am I kidding? The whole cast does comedy well.  It’s not flashy, but it’s my kind of thing. It’s not raunchy but I don’t care for that anyways. Besides, where else will you find a doctor who roller skates through a hospital??? (I stand corrected. Someone was kind enough to remind me of Arizona on Grey’s, even though technically it was helis).

2. I love the relationships between the characters. It adds to the base comedy. Really, it does. Just the way everyone gets along… if the comedy aspect of this show doesn’t make you want to catch it, the relationsnip aspect definitely should. Sidenote: I enjoyed the show much more once Jesse’s character joined the cast. I just liked him better. Personal preference. Although, Jack’s character certainly had his moments.

3. It’s a family affair. Three generations of van Dykes. Dick Van Dyke starred, Barry Van Dyke co-starred, and all of Barry Van Dyke’s children guest starred at some point. Two of them even became recurring members. Besides, Jerry Van Dyke showed up a few times as Dr. Sloan’s brother. I admire this show so much for allowing  this kind of thing.

Favorite episodes, you wonder? Well… I don’t know titles, but I know what they are. Even after all these years… haha

1. The serial killer with the mimes. The episode used to scare me silly. Seriously. Now I sit there cool as a cucumber, still shocked by the ending. I just don’t run out of the room anymore.

2. The 2 hour special episode where Jesse was arrested and Mark traveled to Atlanta to get Ben. The late Andy Griffith reprised his role as lawyer Ben Matlock. Double. The. Comedy.  Do you understand how amazing watching this was???? (The irony being Dick Van Dyke played a villain in the pilot episode of that particular show).

3. The skeleton in the basement and it turns out that Mark’s skeleton in his classroom was an actual murder victim. Okay, that episode still freaks me out. But stiiiiillll. Brilliance.

4. The episode where Amanda practically moved into the hospital because her identity was stolen or something similar.

Ugh. There are so many episodes… and all of them are utterly famtastic.

Dear Netflix, why isn’t this on instant view yet????.?


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