Castle (TV Show)

1. This post will probably be a bit incoherent as I ramble on with my thoughts in a disjointed order. 2. Spoilers, always spoilers. As always, read at your own risk.

One thing I should probably admit before actually writing out this poast: I haven’t watched all the episodes. I’m missing portions from seasons three and four. Important portions, from what I understand. But from what I have watched, I’m very enamored.

I remember watching the pilot and being… impressed doesn’t even seem to cover it. Awed might do the trick. It came before I knew what Firefly was (and I’ll get back to why that’s important). I just really enjoyed the banter between Castle and Beckett. His mother cracked me up. His daughter was his polar opposite in every way. It included complicated relationships to the hilt without being over the top like some shows.

I watched the relationships in the pilot. They were all bent out of shape and hilarious. Castle hitting on Beckett. Beckett being annoyed but secretly flattered that her favorite writer had taken an interest. His family trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

But I really started watching at the beginning of season five because the wonder known of Hulu decided I would like it. Well, that wonderful website is normally good to me, and it was again. I hate starting shows when I don’t know anything about them or when they’re in the middle in a run. But start I did. At school. And I must say… I was embarrassed to have it playing on my laptop because “omg what will people think???” To be fair, season five did start off with Castle and Beckett in bed, and I’m not comfortable with watching those kinds of scenes in public, headphones in or not.

I had no clue what was going on, although it did start me getting the disks from Netflix and eventually starting to accrue them on DVD. This brings me to: I’ve watched what I’ve watched of the show. The first two seasons, five through the present, and bits and pieces of three and four.

I must say, from what I’ve watched, I loved how the relationships have evolved. One of my favorite things about this show, in all honesty. Maybe more than Castle and Beckett together, even though them together is part of the ever evolving relationships.

These days this show has settled into its niche. Castle’s mom no longer comes off as annoying. Her antics aren’t really frivolous anymore, or appear to be anyways. Even though she was clearly an adult when the show started, she has grown as a person. Alexis has also grown, too. She may have been introduced as an over achiever who didn’t know who to relax and a Gilmore Girls like relationship with her dad (They were weirdly linked and she was the more grown of the two. That being said, let me not compare these two relationships ever again). These days she’s still a lot like that, but she’s also become toned down on her antics. Lets not forget her spending most of season 6 arguing with Castle over her choice in guys. That really changed the dynamic of the show between her, Castle, and even Beckett.

Like I typed, Caskett is seriously one of my favorite parts of this show. Watching them annoy each other (because why not)? Their sexual tension. Forever denying attraction. It’s one of those shows that (for me) at first that attraction was annoying and that usual plot to get you to watch. But then… then… somewhere in late season two that changed. She became more than a conquest/muse. His boyish charm wasn’t so boyish anymore. Things got… real, in a way. They became real people to each other.

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the last few episodes of season four. My word, did those episodes punch me right in the feels. Castle wanted Beckett, but she wasn’t quite there yet. He reverted. to his old ways. She basically went postal because she wanted him but didn’t want to admit it. It didn’t exactly matter that I’d already watched season five and beyond, knew they ended up together. Watching them in this way… hurt. All this to be said that her showing up at his door made me perfectly giddy.

It also makes for one of my favorite TV couplings. As a whole, I find most TV couplings unhealthy (but that’s a post for another time if I ever remember). This one not so much. They had to grow into their relationship. They had to grow into the people the other person needed. It hasn’t always been quick fixes, either. Beckett had to deal with Bracken along with getting in line with everything Castle. Castle basically had to grow up in general. I loved season six, watching them prepare for their wedding. He just turned into this big romantic of “whatever you want, you’ll get. You deserve it.” to Beckett. Dear writers, after that baby episode in season five (I think), I’d love to see what would happen if they really had a child together…

I’m also a fan of the relationship between Beckett and Alexis. Their bond is fascinating. Beckett became a surrogate mother to Alexis, although I’m pretty sure it was an accident. She just became so ingrained in Castle’s life that it just naturally happened. They keep each other’s secrets. Besides, as much as I find Castle’s mother hilarious, and she may make a wonderful grandmother, she’s not the best mother figure. Alexis needed someone as a mother figure, and she found one. It also helps as to why I approve of Caskett’s relationship. Beckett was practically part of the family before it became official. She had become so ingrained. Working with Alexis helped with her seeing Castle as a person and not just some mysterious wonder playboy. Besides, when they did end up together Beckett didn’t have to worry about Alexis approving because she already had. In fact, she had been championing the relationship since season two or something like that.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Ryan and Esposito. As hilarious as the two of them are together… they are not my favorite bromance. I don’t know what it is. They are a perfectly timed comedy duo. They work well together, and watching them gain up on Castle or just even interacting with him… Their relationship isn’t forced. They’ve grown into it, sure. Something feels off to me. I can’t pinpoint it.

I also don’t know what’s up with TV shows making a female detective and a female Coroner best friends these days? Why and How? It’s like the new thing to do for friends. As much as I do enjoy their friendship… it also slightly baffles me. Then again, women who worked in male dominated fields have to stick together. So, there’s that, I guess.

And now for me to bring Firefly back into this. I have to. I started watching that show sometimes after this one. Then I came back to this one… and suddenly a whole heck of a lot of things started to make sense. That episode in season two where Castle dressed as a space cowboy. That whole episode in season five where it just continuously poked fun of Firefly. Yes, Castle became a much more fascinating show when I realized they writers were paying homage to Nathan Fillion’s past role. There is a list on Buzzfeed of the 10 biggest ones. But really, if you pay attention there’s little things everywhere in how Castle does something or what he says, especially in the early seasons. You just got to pay attention.

All in all, I really do enjoy this show. It may just be one of those crime solving shows, but it has also elevated itself by giving characters outside lives and interactions. It’s not just about the “who dun it” but also about personal things as well, even when they get in the way. Plus, it’s my favorite brand of comedy even though sometimes it’s a bit over the top. In my opinion, the personal lives interfering with the professional ones actually adds to the hilarity of this show, because no one can stay out of any one’s business even when they should.

Yes, yes. I may be missing some important pieces to the Castle puzzle, but I am working on remedying it. Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments.


One thought on “Castle (TV Show)

  1. I *love* the character of Alexis, she’s one of my favorite things! I feel like she’s almost a mother figure to Castle and her grandmother, so it’s good that in Beckett she has someone to be a bit of a mother to her.

    I really find the whole Ryan/Esposito dynamic dull. There’s nothing original there!

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