Bitten (TV Show)

*as always, spoilers*

Things I don’t do well with in tv shows: supernaturnal themes, sexy good times, & an overt message being sent out. Things this show has: all of this and then some.

You might wonder why I’m watching this. That’s a good question, so heck if I know. But from I’ve watched so far, I’m very intrigued to say the least. Not to mention my favorite tv characteristics haven’t appeared yet and I’m doubting they will.

I started watching because one of my friends was all gung ho on it. It doesn’t matter that we have wildly different tastes in our tv viewing. She made it sound fascinating. The fact that the tv show is based off of books sealed the deal (and I’m itching to read them).

So… what does this show have if it has nothing that I generally prefer? Let’s see…

1. The differene between men and women. Generally women die while becoming werewolves. Element didnt. That makes her special, as the lone female werewolf. It heightens the differences between men and women considerably as well. The men in this show are okay with who they are. They’re okay with all the gruesomeness that comes with what they are. Elena is far from okay from it and tries hard to retain her humamity, even though (as one of the other characters put it) “that ship sailed long ago.”

2. All because Elena is a female doesn’t mean she gets treated like one. She is treated with respect, yes. But she gets to hang with the big boys. As the lone female, she has to. She doesn’t get preferential treatment, either. She fights with them and trains just as hard. She teases with them. One of my favorite parts of the pilot was Nick waking her up half naked. They teased in a sibling kind of way. Yet everyone knows she’s clay’s woman, and otherwise dont try to handle her.

3. The overt themes. Yes, they normally piss me off. Not so much here. What’s going on: werewolves stay hidden from society. They appear as human, so it works well. But still they have their own community with a well structured iron-clad hierarchy. Or that’s what the main characters think. Others believe otherwise and are trying to overthrow them for the sake of equality.  If that’s not some message, accidental or otherwise, I really don’t know it.

4. The sexy good times. Most definitely still not my thing. But I can (and will) appreciate half naked men or them from behind… *sigh*

As it stands, Nick is my favorite character, and I think that Stevd Lund (who plays him) is absolutely gorgeous.

Yes, yes. I need to finish watching this show. But I can’t wait to see what happens. Any thoughts? Leve them in the comments.


One thought on “Bitten (TV Show)

  1. I’ll agree with everything in this post! It is interesting to see Elena being so strong, and so respected, but without the fact that she’s a woman being made into a constant “thing.” I’m still only a handful of episodes in, but I’m going to keep watching.

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