Izombie (tv show)

As always, spoilers

When this show first premiered, I thought “zombies. The next vampires. So overdone.” Well… I again get to step down and admit that I was… wrong. The two overly done subjects of crime shows and zombies have been combined to create something entirely new and fascinating.  & yes, I’m aware of the shows origins in comic books. But still… new. Refreshing.

There are times I wonder about my humanity, if I’m being honest. Is it okay that I didn’t cry over that character’s death on a show? Did I go too far with my sarcasasm again? Just the fact that I bother to check myself answers that question. I know this, but any show that will take on wanting to retain humanity while certainly not being human holds a particular fascination.

First off, Liv is a great character. She’s brave. And more often than not, she does the greater good even if it means harm to herself. Ie: she eats the brains of murder victims to solve cases. If it means she poses as a psychic so she’s not caught, so be it.

Which brings me to my second favorite part of this show: every episode forces her to be something else. She rarely knows what she’s gettting, and even when she does, surprises always pop up. Like that time she accidently turned into a hit man. Whoops.

But my favorite part? The zombies don’t get away with human brain consumption. Yes, they need the brains to live. But they then retain the memories of that brain. They essentially turn into that person for a stretch. If that’s not a consequence, I don’t know what is. I think it’s fascinating.

I’m also a huge fan of Liv and her boss continually making jokes about which brains she’s digested, seeing as how she takes on those personality traits. Also: best way to get out of a date “I got agoraphobe brain and can’t leave the house.” Or “I can’t because I got gay brains and won’t be straight for a few days.” Best part about that: Liv and Lowell just rolled with the punches because they understood.

And the other convoluted storylines that I’m not parcularly fond of but are necessary for the story? Blaine: I hope you get a nice bullet to the head. You deserve it. Major: I hope you find the truth. Detective: keep being awesome.

I’m almost done with the first season, and I don’t see anything going well. Which means: season 2 I’ve heard you’re awesome so far. I hope everyone cheering you on means you’ll be worth it.

Final note: dear Rob Thomas thanks for being there with VM as I became a teen, and now with izombie as I grow into adulthood.


3 thoughts on “Izombie (tv show)

  1. Wonderful review, Charity! I thought that I was the only guy watching the show and so I am so glad that you liked it too. I agree with you on Liv – she is so fascinating. Also her boss and her detective partner – they are wonderful. I loved the scene where she turned into a Ninja 🙂 I would love to hear your thoughts on the finale of season 1. Season 2 just started here and I have watched one episode and the second one is lying on my DVR. Hoping to watch it this weekend.

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