The librarian (movie)

*As always, spoilers*

My interest piqued in this after the show premiered on tnt earlier this year , helped by the fact that noah wyle would be a part of it. So, when i got the chance I got I watched the movies. Okay, only the first one so far. But you know what? It impressed me to no end. I’m awed. I can’t wait for movies 2&3. Then the show!!

Imagine Indiana Jones with less bloodshed and more intelligence. I’m not saying Indiana Jones isn’t brilliant, but when things came down, he generally settled with violence over smarts. With the librarian, things were settled by outsmarting the bad guys and defeating them.  Was there fighting,? Well, yeah. But it didn’t seem as continuous.

Which is probably why the movie spoke to me. It took the trope of geek but made it… interesting. It made learning and wanting to continue learning the best idea ever because you never know what’ll come in handy. It even made being a geek sexy. Anyone who is willing to learn that much and just always learn has sex appeal in my book. Helped by the fact that he didn’t know how brilliant he was and didn’t use his brilliance as a gimmick to lure the ladies in. Socially awkward bonus points!

Then there’s the girl. I’m up for girl power. I’m up with girls saving the day. Goodness knows the librarian needed it – badly. But I think what suprised me the most is how much she realized she liked him. After being used to the rough and tumble sort with loads of brawn the librarian came as a surprise. A good surprise.

It means that the librarian was saved  by the girl on different occasions – although hisbsmarts came in handy too. Decent trade offs. He leaned to fight (kind of) and she gained random knowledge. They came to appreciate (um, love????) Each other.

I don’t think this movie didn’t have anything bad about it. It turned learning into a superpower of sorrs and was still plenty imaginitive. Really, my kind of thing, even though I didn’t know it yet.


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