We need to sort out our priorities

If you normally tune into my blog, I don’t venture into things such as this often. But every once in awhile things have got to be said. And for me, this is one of them.

So. For starters, I dislike christmas. I love being able to have family time, I do. But for me it feels like the holiday has become over commercialized that I can’t find any enjoyment. The reason for the season ( for me) appears to have been taken away. Plus, I.get sick of the non stop christmas music. As in, I will listen to my least favorite radio station to escape it.

But perhaps my real reason for disliking christmas is “the war on christmas.” Of all the things to be incensed about, it’s got to be that I wasn’t greeted with a “merry christmas” at walmart or something. It saddens me.a.bit, sure. But hey, I was greeted appropriately. It is the holidays. All because it’s not the greeting I prefer doesn’t mean I get throw a tantrum like I’m two. I’ll save that for when I don’t get the birthday present I want.

Starbucks announced their new cup design. Most people I know flipped a lid. OMG. Because a plain cup design is the biggest move for the war on christmas yet. Really.

And I just sit and shake my head. Because I think that priorities need to be straightened out. More than just a little bit.

I sit and think about all those kids in the foster care system. Or those who need adopted. We can’t help them, but we can throw a fit over stupid sarbucks cups? Okay, be that way. God called us to help the orphans and widows, not to be mad about coffee.

Or what about the christians who are actively being killed for being christians in other countries? But we got our coffee mugs taken away. Omg. Scandalous. They were never our mugs to begin with. 

I think that christians spend so much time looking for ways to be offended. Of course they’re going to find them. Which means we have to fight back by shoving it down everyone’s throats. Instead of spreading God’s message of love and peace and joy, we’re spreading something entirely different.

Sickens me a bit, really.

If you’re going to boycott starbucks, go ahead. I can’t stop you. Just remember that things could be worse than stupid coffee cups.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my eggnog frappe, because yes they have those.


One thought on “We need to sort out our priorities

  1. This will get a bit long-winded perhaps, but bear with me. In the Bible Jesus warns the disciples that they are going to face persecution. You then find a lot of correlations between being persecuted and the end times, or being persecuted and seeing the Kingdom of Heaven come to be. I think that we have a couple of problems.

    One is that people are either genuinely suffering or simply having “psychic pain”, you know, the generalized dissatisfaction with life that sometimes feels like real pain. And one way to distract from that pain is to throw it into some kind of meaning. The pain becomes meaningful if people can believe they are being persecuted and that the persecution will bring them closer to God.

    So it’s entirely possible that people are, you know, taking their unhappiness with the Holiday season (which sucks because of all the expectations we’re trained to have) and turning it into a “war” that they believe some good may come out of.

    The other is that we often look for shared pain as a way to forge bonds. That’s why frat boys are willing to be hazed even when sometimes people die during hazings. So we look for persecution as a way to “belong” with our biblical forefathers.

    But looking for persecution where there isn’t any, while understandable, is definitely dangerous because it distracts from the REAL persecution and REAL pain being suffered elsewhere. 😦 😦 😦

    Great post. Thanks for writing it!

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