Thor (both movies)

*as always, spoilers*

One of the things that I rarely do is go into movies or shows without knowing anything. I have to know what I’m getting into. I have to know if it’s going to be worth my time. Well,  this is from marvel. The movies are popular. Mix in Tom Hiddleston, and I’m bound to be a fan.

Until… I felt unimpressed.

Most of the people I know are all about Chris Hemsworth and the titular character. I’m… not. No doubt he’s blonde, buff, and gorgeous. But he’s not for me. Not by a long shot. His character is… I can’t put it politely but I can be blunt. His character is a dick. Under the guise of being kingly and polite with that side of manners, he’s a dick. His role has created him as such. Being groomed for king gave him the impression that he can be how he wants, and I didn’t care for it.

And don’t even get me started on whatever that thing parading around as a romance was. I can’t get behind it. Inst- attraction. Insta-flirtiness. Insta whatever and nooooope. I’m done. Thor being thor and her just falling all over that just did not work for me.

I’m not saying it’s bad… wait. Yes. I am.

If that kind of thing works for you, okay. Root it on. I’m just not going to because obviously.

If I’m being perfectly honest here, I watched this for Tom Hiddleston. He is one of my favorite people. I first watched him doing nerd hq with zachary levi. If you know what that is, go on! If you don’t, get on it. He’s such an expressive person. And he made the movie. All those facial expressions.

His character is even better. Unlike his brother, he knows what he is. And he plays it in his favor. Villain he may be, but he’s more lovable. And he’s just plain brilliant. He plans, leaving destruction in his wake.

Should I even ger into the second movie? I suppose…

The romance got amped. *shiver* in the years between the movie, things apparently happened. Thor got angsty. She got angsty. They can’t bother to find anyone else because they need each other. No. They want each other. Screw the impossibility of it all.

Not sorry, but I can’t dig it. At least thor was less of a dick this time around.

As for the plot, convoluted to all get out. That ending though!! Ensuring that I’ll watch it again to catch the little things.

As for Loki, he really keeps getting better. More sinister, and his trickster moments make him even better.  I’m a fan. 

I’m not saying these movies are particularly horrible, but they’re not exactly my cup of tea. Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Thor (both movies)

  1. I do find Thor to be a little… much. He’s SO self-important. I guess it works for his character since he is supposed to be a future King and all of that, but he’s still sooooo annoying, and I don’t get his obsession with Jane. It’s so dumb.

    Loki totally makes the movies worth watching for me, though, although I like both Thor and Loki more in the Avengers than in their own movies. I’d LOVE a Loki prequel though! Give me all the Loki!

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