The Original Ship(s)

This past week I decided to watch Walker, Texas Ranger for the first time in years. I remembered liking the show when I was younger and was wondering if I’d still like the show. Well, the good news is, the show still fascinates me. The bad news? I remembered what I didn’t like about it the first time around.

Before I knew what shipping was and before couples gained “shipper names,” there was at least one couple I wanted together. Poor tween me didn’t know how to put a face on it – I didn’t know that much about romance. Just that people together made me happy. Or, in some cases, pissed off.

Almost every evening at 7 P.M I’d crawl into my parents bed to watch. I didn’t know much about what was going on – just that there was a lot of cool fighting scenes. And I started watching midway through the show at the time, or something. Because Walker and Alex were together. They were this cutesy couple and I liked it.

Then the show as shows are apt to do, and it started from the beginning. Walker and Alex weren’t together. Nowhere near. The fangirl in me (even if I didn’t know it at the time), was frustrated. Because I had grown accustomed to it and it was no longer there.

As I watch it today, I realize that they were closer to being together than I had originally realized. It’s just the waiting for them to actually be together without all the hints of wanting it happen or people making suggestions. I like it to a point but all of that angst annoys me. There’s a name for that now, too!

I think something that crushed me even more about starting at the top was the loss of Sydney and Gage. Those two brought a lot to the show and I had been fascinated by their dynamic. Even more so, I had wanted them together. They just happen to be one of those ships that didn’t quite sail as I wished it would have. There were no answers for ones I apparently wanted .

This was before before I knew how to research shows or even what the heck Wikipedia was, you must understand. And even now I’m refusing to do research on it because I know how it ends, and I like the ending.

So, that’s my original ship(s). Walker and Alex, which I think I’ll name Walex unless I find out otherwise. And Sydney and Gage. Thoughts? Comments? Your own first ships? Let me know in the comments.


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