The Summer of Book Slumping

I have a slightly embarrassing admission about this summer. I barely have been able to read. Although, If I’m being perfectly honest, I haven’t been much for doing anything, not even watching TV. Life has been throwing curveballs, and I’ve been avoiding them by… you guessed it. Okay, probably not because reading obviously isn’t the answer as it usually is. The answer is sleeping.

It’s just abnormal that books aren’t gripping like they did even a few months ago. I have almost no desire. Nothing gripping is coming up. And what has come up has been surprising.

Ender’s game by Orson Scott card? It started out well enough. Heck, it’s still a fabulous book. I look forward to finishing it. But at some point it just kind of lost its mojo. All that anticipation of action took a dive for philosophy of human nature. While interesting, it’s not exactly the most engaging at that point. Besides, the book advances so many years in such a short span of a book. I do look forward to returning to such an intriguing world soon… it’s just needing the will to read. Not helped by the fact that I watched the movie and that didn’t help my desire to finish the book.

Scarlet, the sequel to Cinder, part of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I had never intended to read this series. Yet I bought book one on impulse and actually kind of enjoyed it. I mean, the plot was slow but it got there eventually. And the sass was on point. Overjoyed with this surprising find, I went and got the rest of the series. Started in on Scarlet, and quite liked it more than the first. Then it got to this point when the switching between Cinder’s and Scarlet’s storylines, waiting for them to converge, just made me go “huh?” I do like this world, and Levana makes me shiver. I suppose I should finish it, eh? I need more of Kai the sass master (he’s not Percy, but he’s excellent).

Scorch, the sequel to Croak by Gina DaMico. Okay, the subject matter may be a little iffy for some. Grim Reaping and the taking of souls is not for everyone. I wasn’t even sure it would be for me. It probably wouldn’t even be for me, but these characters (each and every one of them) are absolutely precious. And I take back Kai being the sass master. These characters take all medals. Lex is the best, as is her uncle and her friends. Do you know how excited I was to get my hands on this book? And it started out perfectly. The sass, the characters, the feels that the ending of book one brought. And then I was irrationally pissed off. Something  happened, nothing the characters did, but what happened to them. It was a natural step for the novel to take, and I just… couldn’t. So I put the book aside for the time being.

I’m not saying these books are bad. Not at all! They had wonderful goodreads ratings, excellent reviews. It’s me, who can’t process books right now. And I hate it. I want to read, dang it. Perhaps I should try not to get book syndrome and put down a book because a “more intriguing” plot has come around.

The books I have read? It’s been a very strange combination of things that I wouldn’t normally read.

The Distance between Lost and Found by Kathryn Holmes? Yeah, I detailed my love for this book already.

Then comes the even stranger reads. Four books. Four romance books. By an author I normally have so many issues with. In the space of a week and a half. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Yeeep. Life is weird. I mean, I had issues with it. Of course I did. Romantic skeptic here, besides a few other things. Want to know the books? The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. I know, right? Super witty (and somewhat inappropriate) banter to be found here.

My book slump is aggravating me. There are many good books out there. And I want to read them. I just need to stop sleeping all the time and make the time to read. Like I’ve always done. Because life is better with books.


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