The Jewel — Amy Ewing

spoilers ahead, seeing as how I don’t feel up to tagging. Taken From my goodreads review and slightly edited. 

Oh, dear something or other. I didn’t particularly hate all of this novel, just parts of it. Because, let me be honest, Violet’s an idiot. A full blooded idiot.

Her quickly realized right to be afraid was overshadowed by her insta-feelings for Ash. Which were by the way, annoying. She understood, and I do mean, understood that she shouldn’t be having feelings for him. One because it’s, oh, I don’t know, forbidden? The other being because she plans to escape. Her friendship with Lucien depends on her being the perfect surrogate and she says “screw it for the hot guy that I might possibly want to be with.”

She’s an idiot not only because she does what she does, but she realizes what she doing and decides to do it anyways. ugh.

All of this relationship entanglement made the true terror of what this novel could have been so much less. So, the Duchess is scary huh? Yet wishy washy in that abusive way of making a person think she’s safe until she isn’t? Yeah, I wasn’t scared. Because Violet over there didn’t give a crap. She was getting out, all she had to do was play along, which she didn’t really do. *scratches head in confusion*

And those digs she made at the Duchess? Those conversations? And yet she wasn’t exactly penalized? Yeah, not making for the greatest terrifying combo.

The backstabbing that goes on? I didn’t see enough of it. Didn’t fear it enough. Not helped by the fact that Violet’s fear was again overshadowed by Ash this and Ash that. The deaths of the other surrogates? Yeah, um, no feels on that. Stuff happened and I pretty much didn’t care because Violet didn’t care.

Pretty much the only reason this book landed at 2 stars was because of that ending. What a humdinger. I may have despised most of this book but I’ll probably come back for round 2 because what was that ending? Dang.


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