MacGyver (Reboot)

Let me honest, I didn’t even make it 10 minutes into the reboot. I probably have no good reason to sit here writing this seeing as how I didn’t exactly give it a chance… except for the fact that it just angers me. So much.

As someone in her early 20s, I was kind of raised on the show. One day when I was twelve or so, my dad was describing the show to me. This man who could make just about anything out of anything. Paper Clips and duct tap. Seriously. A couple of hours later,  I was hooked.

And so began my love for the show. My dad began by buying me the DVDs, which at the time (early-mid 2000s) was kind of a novelty.

When news of the reboot came, I figured I’d probably at least dislike it. One of the charms of the original was the lack of technology. I mean sure,yeah it was there. Of course it was there. And while Macgyver certainly made use of it, his brain did most of the work. He wasn’t dependant on it. I figured the reboot would be different. In this day and age, technology rules after all.

However, that’s not what drew my anger. Another one of the charms was Jack. Introduced as one of Macgyver’s well meaning but jocular friends, he provided levity for the show. He often meant well, but it generally backfired.

So in the reboot when Jack was introduced as this smart, capable human, I nearly screamed. And that’s about when I turned it off.

Made worse by the fact that Macgyver in the reboot is a ladies man, almost proud of his conquests. I mean, in the original, Mac had his share of ladies. But it wasn’t like he was actively going after them. Generally speaking. Although this point I can blame the generation gap. Probably.

I knew I wouldn’t be tuning back in. Until last tonight when I forgot to turn the TV off after Jeopardy!. There’s this episode in the original, somewhere in season one, where Macgyver teamed up with an old bomb buddy to diffuse one. In honesty, it’s one of my favorites.

And words cannot express what I felt, watching an updated version of the episode. Mostly anger. They kept the same name for the character and everything. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they somehow even still killed the poor man.

And while the reboot is not exactly my speed for TV viewing, I consider doing something like that  sloppy. Update the show, the characters. Make them seemingly better. Give it some polish or something. But for the land of something, at least make it original. Don’t just start ripping off old episodes.

Yeah, I’m probably alone in my rage over here. I shouldn’t have even bothered to try. And yet I did, so here I am. I know that reboots are meant to play off the original, but good grief I can’t take it on this one.

Anyone else sharing my emotions? Or not? Have I poorly misjudged the reboot? Let me know in the comments!


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