Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movie)

As always, spoilers. Read on warily if you have not seen the movie yet or get out. 

I went into this blind, so to write. All I knew is that this movie is about a man named Newt Scamander who is involved with lots of magical animals. Things happen. And that’s about it. The people in the booktube and instagram communities, while enthusiastic, remained largely spoiler free.

As someone who loves spoilers, and thrives on them, this was a strange experience. Slightly frightening, even.  I hadn’t bothered to look up the plot. I’m actually glad that I didn’t. Because I got to experience this entrance to a familiar yet older world And love it. Heck, I almost shouted at the end, ast first in anger then in sadness.

First off, there’s Newt. Awkward at some of its finest, I tell you. I couldn’t remember where I’d seen such a character before. Of course, there is no actual character such as him. Then it came to me. He reminded me of eleven, without the floppiness of body parts. Eh, that wasn’t right either. He’s more of a ten. Just the way he carries himself. Gets people to pay attention, even if takes awhile. He certainly is a character all his own, and I can’t wait to see where he goes. Bonus points for that hair, though. I loved that hair.

Followed by Tina. She’s just as awkward as Newt, and seeing them try to interact with each other was just… giggle inducing happiness.. I hated the way people wouldn’t let her do her freaking job. She’s obviously not the crazy person they thought her to be.

And Jacob. While I certainly find Newt charming if not attractive, Jacob was his own sort of odd. Also trying to find his way in the world, it was incredible how he just accepted the world of magic and fit right on in. It seemed a better world for him than the real world ever would be. I almost cried as they took away his memories, only to see that he somehow remembered pieces of it in his bakery. Besides, as my friend reminded me, there’s four movies left.

Last but not least, Queenie. When I first saw her, I thought “Why? Why is Tina roommates with an apparent floozy?” Yeahhh. I was wrong. She’s not a floozy. She’s Tina’s sister and a legilimens, otherwise known as able to read minds/emotions or something like that. It makes her interesting, to say the least.And makes her behaviour understandable. And watching her take delight in Jacob’s weirdness and for him to find her fascinating was just intriguing. Probably the most mismatched couple that I’ve ever seen, and yet I’m boarding that ship. They’re adorable. Even better was how she visited his shop at the end of the movie, and while he wasn’t meant to remember, something about her (and everything else) remained with him.

Oh, and that plot? It’s one swashbuckling plot. Once the mystery starts, it just keeps going, keeping one on edge until the end. And oh, I laughed. The plot may have been an adventure, but it was definitely made better by almost every character and how they came across. The plot is a tad bit confusing. There’s Newt and his gang, The ministry (which I must say, is full of idiots because of the twist), and the two children. It just kind of comes together, in typical magical world fashion. At first glance, seemingly harmless but in reality turns dark.

But I must say, that big reveal at the end? Didn’t see it coming. My friend leaned over and asked if it was Johnny Deep – which, of course, it was. I had heard that he was in the movies, and who he played, but wasn’t expecting him to be in the first of them. So, um, yay?

I about cried at the ending though. Newt just getting on that freaking boat without kissing Tina. Like he wanted to say goodbye but didn’t know how. I legitimately held out my hands towards the screen, half whispering “Kiss her, you idiot.” To which my friend again looked over at me and said yet again “There’s four more movies. You can wait.”

Well, I guess if I can wait seven books for Hermione and Ron to have their ending, I can wait four more movies for Newt and Tina to hopefully get theirs.

There’s a lot that I’m missing. But that means I get to see this movie again. And again. I’m all up for that. I’m also off to get the book/screenplay thing that seems to be popular. One, it’s pretty. Two, why wouldn’t I want to read this movie as the screenplay?

Thoughts? Agreements? Concerns? Leave them in the comments!


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