Scorpion (TV show)

This is one of those shows that I just kind of got talked into watching. My dad’s enthusiasm and ability to talk things up ended up with me in front of the tv last spring watching the season 2 finale. I didn’t know the show, and most definitely not the characters. I was obviously confused and yet charmed.

It’s my kind of show. The fast pace. The somewhat witty banter. Somewhat loveable characters. The outlandish plots that just kind of reminded me of Chuck.

I watched the first season, Took a few months, granted. I was afraid of what I would find, and needn’t have worried. Whatever I had started watching at the end of season two was most definitely present from the first episode.

I mean. I found and will probably always find Walter… somewhat stiff. Right now, I can’t think of the words I want.  I understand that he’s meant to be, but that doesn’t make watching it on screen any easier.

But everything else? There’s a lot to love.

First off, there’s Toby. I don’t care what anyone says. Toby will always be my favorite from this show. I adore that man, gambling habits and all. Yes, including his attitude. Watching him as he chased (oh, heck, continues) to chase Happy is seriously one of the cutest things. Watching as he thought Happy might be pregnant was a hilarious mix of “I’m going to be a dad. With the love of my life.” and “Surprise. How are the two of us going to make it as parents?” And his reaction when she wasn’t is what most girls deserve as he told her they’d have the kids at some point, when the time was right.

It’s a safe be that I want my own Toby.

Which brings on Happy. It’s understandable why she’s closed off. Years of being abandoned have hardened her. But she found her real dad. They bonded.I’m glad that he gets to make infrequent appearances on the show. But I think my favorite “surprise” of the show is her responding to Toby’s advances and eventually falling for him as well. Even more surprising was discovering that she had actually wanted the child when she thought she was pregnant.

Can the two of them just have a child together now? Soon? I want to see what a Happy/Toby child will bring to the world. I want to see what kind of parents they’re going to be. Moving on.

Sly is a whole other story. He’s certainly more neurotic than everyone else. Yet… yet… he comes through the most. He has the most to conquer, after all. Once in awhile, he even becomes the most kick butt. The episode where he becomes trapped in a prison proves that, I think. Even better was watching him fall for Megan, knowing the risks. Her falling for him. Another seriously mismatched couple that I adored. He even took her death better than Walter did, which no one banked on.

Then there’s Paige. Soft-spoken, she does her job well. And it’s interesting to see how far she has or hasn’t pulled everyone in their two+ years together so far.

Lastly, Cabe. Mr. gruff man who’s actually a softie on the inside.

For a show that banks largely on the characters having previously been friends (or adversaries) for many years, this show pulls it off quite well. At the beginning, We’re introduced as to why Walter and Cabe have problems. It is the basis for the show, after all. But everyone else, Paige not included, gets he backstory with each other sussed out in time. Especially that episode where Toby and Walter spent almost the entire time fighting and had to find their way back from Vegas at the end.

This show may be over the top, outlandish. And whatever else comes to mind. And as much as it’s about the science, it’s about this apparent rag tag team of geniuses relationships to each other. And I love it. Most of the time. Right now, as much as I adore Tim, I want him gone.

If you have not found yourself watching this show yet, I implore you to do so. I wish you the best viewing experience.

Thoughts? Concerns? Leave them in the comments!


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