Six of Crows — Leigh Bardugo

Taken from my goodreads review and slightly edited. Minor spoilers ahead. 

Pretty much every page of this book from start to finish: the best thing ever. All the characters, the world equals a squealing, happy me. Because Kaz and company are tops. Even in their morally gray areas, they are just… intriguing.

First off, you get the characters. Who are all different from each other, and in their respective perspectives, I never got them mixed up. Who knew that was possible? They all have their backstories told in time, along with how they interconnect with one another. Which I found beautiful and heartbreaking all at once, especially Matthias and Nina.

The plot is fantastic. Improbably heist that they accomplish? My kind of book right there. I know people have compared this book/series to Peaky Blinders, but I’ve never watched that particular show. which I guess I get to do now? Instead it reminded me of Leverage. You know, rag tag team of people that shouldn’t work well together but it totally works? Along with how towards the end you discover that all this crap that they’ve gotten into was totally on purpose. So you think that the characters are up the creek but they’re not, as told in flashbacks.

As told from the show:

Sometimes the bad guys are the only good guys you got

Then there’s some romance. Not a lot but just enough hints of feels to make one just wish characters would just kiss already. Seriously.

It’s fun watching all the characters trying to deny feelings and then… not.

Oh, and bonus enjoyment for everyone poking fun at Wylan at the beginning because he was the newbie, only for them to start joking that they were corrupting the poor kid. I mean, by the end there he fit in quite nicely. I also liked how even though Wylan’s dad thought he was stupid, Kaz thought he was a perfectly capable human with great strengths, particularly for his team

Lets not forget the twists and turns that kept coming. So. Many. Surprises, in the best of ways that lead to “Ohhh snap” moments.

All in all, such a great book. I can’t recommend it enough. *Off to find Crooked Kingdom* (Which is thankfully perched on my nightstand).


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