Crooked Kingdom — Leigh Bardugo

Still pretty excellent. I just didn’t like it better than Six of Crows. Not quite. And I might be grumpy about that one thing.

Things I did like:

Living inside of Wylan’s head for portions of this book. Oh, that poor poor child. I think he may just be my favorite.

The ships. Alllll of them.

Kaz and Inej just about drove me nuts with their inability to acknowledge feelings (obviously) let alone touch each other. Bonus adoration though for Inej realizing that while Kaz had issues, she had similiar issues. And that while she wanted Kaz, she couldn’t have him with armor, nor could she fix him. Their ending was perfect that way. I mean, it hurts, kind of physically hurts, to not have them together the way I want. But for the two of them it’s perfect. They have a long way to go, but it gives me hope.

Jesper and Wylan. They are adorable and that’s all there is to it.

But my true love lays with Nina and Matthias. They are goals, okay? Nina trying to loosen Matthias up and better yet, him responding to it. And realizing that yes, he had traditions, but he didn’t have to uphold them.

And ohhh. More backstory. I didn’t think I needed anymore backstory to make me love these characters. I was wrong. May I say it again: poor poor Wylan.

Lastly, the humor. OMG this book is ridiculously hilarious.

What I didn’t like:

This book got more than a little convoluted at times. The stakes were raised, big time. I wasn’t always a fan. But then things worked out. Plans came together. Like book one, you think the characters are up the creek when they’re really not. Kaz, you brilliant man.

The book started out a bit slow. I didn’t know what to make of it. But people said to hold tight, it would get better. And oh, it did.

With the same (yet changing) lovable characters from book one, and the same humor infused throughout, this book won me over. Big time. Large portions of this book (and the previous one) are underlined for various reasons.

*I’m just going to go start shoving these two books at anyone who’ll listen. Who’s with me?*

I’m also going to need a “no mours, no funerals” hoodie.


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