Izombie, Season 2

This show, guys. This show. I mean, I freaking loved season one. What a brilliant take on both cop shows and zombies. It’s like Buffy and Veronica Mars had a baby. Besides, with Rob Thomas (who created VM) at the helm, there didn’t seem too many ways that this show could go wrong.

And it didn’t. Season two was more convoluted, sure. But it worked. I don’t even think I could get into all the plots. Here’s this: They’re after Max Rager for most of the season. He’s a bad guy who developed the stuff that turned Liv into a zombie. He knows, but doesn’t necessarily care because he’s all about that greed. Major works for him (as a workout trainer, due to losing his job), but to keep liv from getting killed, he has to kill other zombies. Except he doesn’t really kill them, he just makes everyone think that he kills them, which turns him into a “serial killer.”

There’s an FBI agent in town, investigating the events of the season one finale, which leads to her investigating the “serial killings.” She doesn’t let anything go, but also starts a relationship with Babineaux.

Then there’s Mr. Boss, who runs a crime organization, which gets mixed into things, seeing as he has a stake on the “utopian” drug trade.

And Ravi is trying to cook up a zombie cure, which doesn’t exactly happen with the results he was hoping for.

I said it was complicated, didn’t I? Mixed into all of this is just normal murder and mayhem. Relationship drama (it’s from the CW. Of course there’s relationship drama). But amid all the craziness, it was still so fantastic. So many things gunning for this show.

But let me be honest. My favorite part of this show is the repercussions of eating brains and the constantly changing personalities. Liv still never got what she was expecting. Favorites from this season include frat boy and the eternally sunshiny lady.

Okay. Maybe I lied. Maybe my favorite part of this season were the Veronica Mars references. I thought it was a one off, at first. But then they kept happening. I would just sit there and laugh at whoever had that brilliant idea. I’m going to have to rewatch season one just to see if I missed anything. Bonus awesomeness for the VM actors’ guest appearances.

This show. I don’t think I have many more words for how wonderful I find it. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so! Start at season one, though, to avoid confusion. If you have, watch it again, eh?


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