Best Books, 2016 Edition

Want to know what my my average star rating on Goodreads is right now for the year? As far as I’m aware, it’s sitting pretty at a 3.6. Which, for me, is perfectly normal. It’s also baffling me. I don’t think I’ve ever five starred so many books in one year. Honestly. I don’t think I’m stingy with them, it’s just hard to to find that perfect book. Which I guess means I’m somewhat stingy?

Anyways. Books that I absolutely adored this year. I was pleasantly surprised with what  I found, either on my own, from goodreads, or from the newly discovered booktube community. Apparently the booktube community has been around for awhile but it’s new to me and I am a fan of the people who inhabit the space.

The year started off badly. I wondered if I would ever find a decent book that I’d love. Well, it took a few months, but the good books came along eventually. And when they came, they poured.

It started with The Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab. The premise of the books just sounds so promising. Multiple Londons, travel, adventure, and, and just a hint of romance. Some brutality. I was sold. And extremely glad I decided to pick them up. Now there’s the torture of waiting for book three – which doesn’t come out until February. *Keep the characters safe. That’s all I ask. Maybe more hot make out sessions between any of the couples* *Realizes that’s probably not going to happen and sobs*

Moving On. 

Croak By Gina Damico. I wasn’t sure how I’d react to these books. Grim reaping sounds interesting in theory, but still. With how I was raised and what I believe, it was easy to assume that this would be awkward. It wasn’t. These characters are sass masters. And incredibly funny. I might not have been a fan of how the afterlife worked, but hey, we can’t all get what we want. At least it was included is my final opinion on that. Bonus love for the most hilarious quote on being best friends.


P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. Sure her books are adorable, fluffy things. I love delving in and just getting my feels tickled. But this one hit home more than that. I mean, first off, a heroine who’s strange but owns her strange. Who owns her family Plus, it included hints of You’ve Got Mail, which is one of my favorite movies. Yep, this one hit high on my favorite books of the year list. Heck, it even owned it for awhile.


Bitten by Armstrong. I freaking love the TV show, so the logical thing was the read the books? Yep. I vowed that I would and finally glad that I remembered to pick up the first book, at least. While changes had been made, I understood them, respected them. They didn’t drive me bonkers. What a strange, beautiful sensation. I look forward to reading the rest at a later date.

Followed by…

The Six of Crows Duology. I’d be remiss not to add these books. A mix of Oceans 11 and Leverage (Both of which are fantastic), I was afraid of what they contained. I needn’t have worried. I almost immediately saw why everyone adores these books and hopped on the bandwagon. The cast is differentiated and incredibly funny. The fact that they have backstories and kind of want to kill each other just adds an extra bonus. Plus, the plot twists just make everything better. I’ve started shoving these books at anyone who’ll listen.

But the best of the best? Fine. Tied with Six of Crows, if I’m being honest here. They Share the same qualities, after all. Action. Humor. Romance. Those dang twists and turns.

The Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. When one of my favorite booktubers just kept raving, I decided it must be worth a shot. Definitely definitely worth it. I picked the series up and haven’t looked back. It’s (to me) the absolutely perfect blend of action, humor, and romance. Just enough of all three to keep one hooked. The plots might get convoluted but it’s all worth it for whatever keeps coming. I’m almost done with book five  (out of six) and I’m going to miss the characters when it’s over. This is another one of those things that I want to shove at everyone, but it might be an acquired taste. I mean, by all means read it. Please please read it. But it gets dark, as fantasy tends to do.

Oh, hey. I almost forgot one. The only non-fiction book I read this year.

You’re Never Weird On the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day. I’m not a huge Supernatural fan (feel free to go get the gun or salt or whatever) but her character on Eureka is one of the best things ever. And if you haven’t watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along, please go do so. While my life is not even remotely like hers in any way, except for the fact that I’m extremely socially anxious, this book got me on that level. Though it’s incredibly funny, it also gives me hope of what I can be. Of what I want to be. And I needed that.

Okay, out of the 39, almost 40 books that I’ve read this year, maybe I didn’t five star/ love as many of them as I thought. But hey, I still adored more than I thought I did. Which is saying something. I also read quite a bit of fantasy, which is new and freeing for me.

Does it sound like a good year?


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