The Archived — Victoria Schwab

Taken from my goodreads review and slightly edited. Possible spoilers ahead. 

It took forever to read this baby. I mean, it’s a short one. But it’s also the one that I kept tucked in my purse just in case I forgot one that I’m currently reading. It has saved me on any number on occasions. Then today happened and it hit this point and I couldn’t stop.

Because Schwab is a master. And I didn’t see any of those twists coming. I mean, I should have, considering her other works. Then again, I’ve never been good at “Guess the plot twists game.” So yeah.

This book is one that makes you think. About everything. I haven’t underlined this much or written in the margins in quite awhile.

Another thing. This book has a huge emotional plot to it. While many books have brought on the feelings, only one other book has brought out this particular set of feelings, especially about this particular subject. A certain kind of unspecified loneliness that only comes with grief. And that honor belongs to The Summer of Letting Go. Which means I thoroughly enjoyed having my feelings shredded.

Then there’s Mac’s parents. They are basically the best. They’re not quite all there emotionally because of losing Ben. But when they are there, they’re good parents. Incredibly funny. Plus, they kind of adore Wes, even with his looks. More parents should be like them.

Lastly, Wesley. He just knocked Levi from Fangirl off of my favorite book boyfriend spot. I do not kid. He offered to freaking read to Mackenzie and it just kind of went from there. You forget that he’s basically a goth with guyliner because he’s just everything else. Besides, he is super smart. Also, their relationship is tops. I can’t wait to see where they go.

Thankfully book two is on my nightstand? *Off to have feelings shredded some more*

Oh, and can this please be a movie or something? Please? It would make such an interesting one.


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