Persuasion 2.0

Okay. I have a confession. I’ve watched this movie (aka Persuasion) pretty much every day this week. The 2007 version, although I now have a copy of the one from the 90s. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched, . But the nice thing is, the movie is just as great as I remember. No. Scratch that. It’s gotten better. It gets better every time I pop it in.

Basically I sit there, screeching at the TV. I don’t know why, but this movie has everything that a movie could have to make it perfect. Romance. Angst. Pining. Awkwardness. Like I said, everything. I’ve starting shoving the movie at anyone who’ll listen but have never watched. Or even the people who do love it but might be in need/want of a rewatch.

The same thoughts run through my head every time, too. I know  they’re coming. I don’t know how to change them and I’m not sure I want to at this point. I just really want to be able to share them and the enthusiasm.

There’s a part of me that will never comprehend how Anne’s family could be self-centered. I mean. Seriously? How? They couldn’t figure out how to cut their money spending habits. Then, they go and treat Anne like she’s a servant. Throughout the movie, she bends time and again to their frivolous wills, even against her own wishes. I honestly don’t know which family member is the worst. Are they really so horrible that they haven’t paid attention to Anne at all or recognized the history between her and Wentworth? Definitely, and then some.

Elizabeth mostly prattles on about how no one is good enough if they don’t have money. Yet it’s nice to be talked about and wanted to be associated with.Though there is a part of me that thinks no one wants to be associated with them. Is it about the most annoying thing ever? Well, yeah. The dad is like this, even more annoyingly so. Pompous at its best, (or worst?) I tell you.

But Mary? Mary is a whole other creature. There’s a little something called youngest child syndrome. This one has it in her cards, and she plays it well. It gets her basically anything she wants. Does she have kids? Yes. Does she care? Apparently not,since Anne can take care of them and is willing to do so. She wants to be treated as an adult but her attitude makes her come across as anything but. One of the characters in the movie calls her “harmless, but annoying.” – which succinctly sums her up in a few words.

Then there’s a part of me that realizes and acknowledges that this is just the way the family is, and therefore they don’t care. They refuse to care. Because Anne is there. Anne is capable. So, caring isn’t in issue even though it should be.

It makes watching the family dynamics hurt.So much. Even though it makes watching the movie somewhat harder, it brings out my adoration for Anne even more. Even though her family behaves as they do, she presses on. It pains her to do so, to some extent.But she does. She braves more than one person should ever have to. And that doesn’t extend to just her family. It also goes towards Wentworth and watching him flirt and woo another, more capable, more giggly, more likeable, lady.

This makes Wentworth notice, though. It takes him awhile, but he does. He might have been avoiding Anne at first but he comes around eventually. He watches her bend to her family and their ridiculousness – time and time again. He watches her selflessness, her kindness. It makes him realize that she is what she wants, and that her family doesn’t deserve her.

Suffice to say that their being awkward around each other is not one of my favorite things about this movie. No, it’s just watching them kind of circle each other warily. They don’t know what to do about anything and it is beautiful.

Although, for me, my absolute favorite part of this movie is when she meets Captain Harville. Wentworth barely whispers her name, knowing what that name means. And oh, does Harville recognize it. A split second. That’s all it takes. He’s the only one is this freaking movie to put the two of them together. And it’s glorious.He stares at her, wondering how this anxious looking frail woman could do Wentworth in, then gets to know her. He jumps on that train, supporting the two of them. He’s also the only one is this movie (at first) to not push Anne aside and just treat her as a human.

I would rather not mention the cousin, but alas he is important. Anne doesn’t think that Wentworth wants her, so she does what she can and embraces the cousin as a partner. She’s not used to getting the attention, and a part of me thinks she likes it, no matter how awkward. But then Wentworth  is available and things get even more awkward.

Then it also sorts out, just when you think it won’t. Every girl deserves a man who looks at her like Wentworth looks at Anne – adoration and affection shining in his eyes.

Yes. This movie has everything. I don’t normally go for angsty, pining romances. But this one just has everything I could ever want and then some. I basically love everything about it, even if  I despise the parts. Because without the bad parts, there wouldn’t be the romance that I adore. It comes full circle, I suppose.

All this movie watching and excitement is bringing on a reread. I’m looking forward to it. Even if only for that freaking letter. You know you love it. So romantic.

Favorite parts to the book/movie? Thoughts? Concerns? Leave them in the comments!


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