Nevernight — Jay Kristoff

Taken from my Goodreads review and edited. Possible spoilers ahead. 

What was this book? What was this book? I’m just going to be over here pondering my life. Hopefully coherent review ahead.

I adored most of this book. My tolerance for disturbing books has been heightened over the past several years, but this book reached towards breaching it. Things I should know by now: trust the reviews. They rarely, if ever, lie. Have a strong stomach going in or be wary.

This book is brutal. Characters are just killed off because they can be. And I know that it’s meant to harden the acolytes and possibly the reader in turn, but my goodness. Certain things are downright sad.

Oh, who am I kidding? This book will lull you into thinking that things are a certain way. That characters are perhaps screwed. And I just love yelling “PLOT TWIST ” at midnight, scaring my family. Because I don’t think I saw any of that coming. The last 75 pages? Worth it. I promise you. Some of the best plot twists I’ve ever seen. One of them I kind of had a niggling feeling on, but didn’t think it possible. Oh, was I ever wrong. Totally possible.

I adored the friendship between Mia and Ash. It’s what female friendships should look like. Until… it’s not. Keep in mind that this is still a school for assassins and things are never quite as they seem.

I absolutely adored the romance or… whatever it was that Mia and Tric had going on. Their bonding and barring of their souls had my feels turning to mush. *I’ll just be over here wishing that certain events hadn’t happened, and hoping that my prediction is right, knowing it probably won’t be*

I even kind of liked the side romances that weren’t really romances. Just all that bonding that went on. And the fact that Kristoff hopefully makes you care about the side character, even the “horrible” ones, is enough.
But really. Mia is the heroine. And she rocks it. She’s tough. And discourteous. And makes absolutely no apologies for it. She’s… real. She says what she wants. Behaves how she wants. And it’s beautiful to watch her come into her own within The Red Church, even if it’s not how she thought it would come.

This book also provided some of my favorite quotes. Ever. One of them was reminiscent of Tyrion’s line from A Game of Thrones about how he has his brains over his family’s much coveted beauty and braun. The other quote is just the most eloquent way to basically say “I don’t care/screw you.” – since apparently that is actually possible.

Basically, this book is brilliant if not a bit gruesome. The star is knocked down because this book does start off a bit slow. When I first started, I thought “Where’s the things I was promised?” … Gave it 100 pages before scratching my head, before remembering that The Girl With the Dragon tattoo took awhile to take off… but when it did, it did. Same for this one. The other part being that my tolerance for disturbing/sexiness was reached, if not actually crossed.

Pay attention the the reviews that do this book better justice than mine. They do not lie. This book is wonderful but extremely detailed in the gruesomeness it contains.

Go ahead. Pick it up, providing you think you can handle it.

*Where’s book 2, eh? Yes, i know, out this fall.*


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