Favorite TV Couples

Apparently it’s valentine’s day. So today I was thinking of love in all its forms. Kidding. It made me think of my favorite tv couples and I didn’t get to fawn over them with anyone. I’ve been been meaning to blog about this for awhile anyways, so today seemed appropriate.

If you’ve been following this blog long at all, you probably know what’s coming. Or at least which couple sits at the top of my list. If you’re new to this space, welcome to me talking about the strange things that I like.

Here goes:

1. Lee and Amanda, courtesy of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Yeeeaaaahhhh. Of course they sit at the top. Favorite show equals favorite couple. Never mind. I would love them even if this wasn’t my all time favorite show. They have everything. They go from strangers to partners to lovers. They get to know each other under some strange if not demanding circumstances, which in turn creates trust. And from that trust sprouted a great romance. Besides, their hilarious/flirtatious banter is one of my favorite things ever.My favorite episode still remains season 3, episode 2. Not only do they count down how long they’ve known each other, you get the answer to how Lee got his nickname. Which strangely wraps around to answering two questions: Why Lee doesn’t have a partner (pilot), and how he got his nickname  (season 1, episode 5).

Favorite quotes from this show:

“I love you. I have for a very long time. I was just never ready to… before now.”

“You can’t just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in a red hat, tell me you love me, then walk out again.”

2. Booth and Bones, courtesy of Bones. They share a lot of qualities from Lee and Amanda, just in different quantities. The hate turned love relationship. The working under intense circumstances. Serial killers included! Hilarious banter. The only difference being that they denied their attraction for years because they didn’t think it would be worth it. Two kids and a marriage later, totally worth it. They may have a ton of differences but they’ve worked them out over the years. Besides, they’ve been around each other long enough to just put up with everything already, and accept the differences as strengths.

*shoutout to Angela and Hodgins. They’re one of my favorite side couples. They’re about as evenly mismatched yet perfect together as Booth and Bones.*

3. Beckett and Castle AKA Caskett courtesy of Castle. Because if you don’t enjoy watching them fall in love, are you crazy? They hit a point in season two where they just kind of become real people to each other. Kate doesn’t mind Castle, Castle stops actively trying to hit on her. Their banter is top notch hilarious. I mean, I just about hate the torture of seasons three and four because of that. But I also understand that they needed that time to get to know each other better and in a more real way. So that when they do get together, they know what they’re getting into.

And the finale goes to:

4. Remington and Laura, courtesy of Remington Steele. Lust at first sight, anyone? Debonair main who you never find out the name to takes over the fictional yet titular role because she needs a front man. And it works. He’s supposed to let her run the show. It never actually happens. They say no the attraction (at first) because just deciding to jump in would be ridiculous. Also, she doesn’t trust him enough to stay… until he does. However, all of their cheesy make out sessions throughout the seasons are spectacular. Bonus adoration for the way they just kind of get used to each other. She gets his movie references. He lets her be uptight. Things work out in the end.

Okay, perhaps these couples had more in common than  I originally thought. Maybe that’s why I love them all to varying degrees. Even though I know how all of these couples end (except for Bones, which is currently in its last season), I know how they go. It’s mostly happy. And I look forward to watching them over and over again.

Do you like my valentines day couples list? Concerns? Who would you put on it? Let me know in the comments.

*I plan on putting together my favorite book couples in the next few days, no promises.*


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