Favorite Book Couples

As promised, the book version of favorite couples. For as much as I read, favorites couples are hard to come by. For the TV, I watch them come alive. There’s generally multiple season to watch them evolve. For the books, there’s generally only one, maybe a whole series that probably includes a lot of intense circumstances. But not nearly the amount of time to see the relationships evolve. So, it’s harder to have couples that I like.

But ohhhh. I do have some. Like the TV post, you probably know what’s coming. If not, hang on. It’s bound to be a doozy. *Minor spoilers ahead*

1.  Anne and Wentworth, from Persuasion. Because awkward ex-engaged couples who have to get to know each other again while thinking the other is taken is beautiful. The awkwardness. The angst. I adore it all.

2. Matthias and Nina from Six of Crows. Because, backstory. It’s one of those things where from the moment they first interact together you know you need backstory. Let’s be honest, his first reaction was to strangle her, after all.  And Bardugo delivered. Star-Crossed lovers, trained to kill each other but the opposite happens instead? I’m all in! Bonus love for the best makeout scene in book history. Also, them sharing a couch. Most heart melting scene in my recent book reading history. *I’ll just be over here sobbing and raising a fist at Bardugo in anger*

*shoutout to Kaz and Inej. My precious murder babies deserve some happiness, but one not being able to touch other humans (understandably, because backstory) creates some issues).*

3. Bernard and Amara from The Codex Alera Series. They are adorable together. In the first book it was kind of hard to see because she was half out of it. I’m glad she came out of it, though. I think what I adore the most, though, is their witty banter. Especially about past events. You will hopefully forget that there’s a huge age gap in there because they fit perfectly together. You also tend to forget that Bernard lost his first wife and children because Amara completes him and he gets to start over.

*Shout out to Kitai and Tavi. They are just as adorable and witty. I only happen to prefer Bernard and Amara over the two of them*

4. Cade and Lily, from P.S. I Like you. It’s essentially the teenaged version of You’ve Got Mail, which is a take on Pride and Prejudice. It almost guarantees that I’m a fan.  Their hate to love relationship. They way they avoid each other because they know the truth and don’t want the other to know. Then their admittance of feelings, which is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever read in my life. They’re perfect in their opposite attraction.

5. Kell and Lila, from the Shades of Magic series. Antagonism, times whatever. Surprise meeting. Travel. Torturing each other for kicks.  Glorious banter. Book two saw them angsty over each other. I was pleasantly surprised how high they both ranked on the angst list for each other. Seriously. Kell even thought at one point to follow the knives because they would lead it to her.No… the bodies that the knives were lodged in would lead to her. Okay. I’m kicking Nina and Mattias down to number two on the best make out scene list. These two. Whoa. I can’t wait to see what book three contains and it comes out on Tuesday (2-21-17).

Yeaaahhhh. I think that’s all of them. I’ll probably remember more later and kick myself. But that means more blogging. I’m generally up for that.

Did you like my list? Who would be on yours? Leave it in the comments!


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