A Conjuring of Light — V.E. Schwab

Taken from my goodreads review and slightly edited. Possible spoilers ahead. 

I just need a gif of Mary Poppins going Practically perfect in every way.  (Or since it’s the blog, I can link to youtube!) Because that’s what this book was. It ended as a finale should: equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking and bittersweet. It’ll bring out the feels and they are worth every one of the 600+ pages.

Some thoughts on this precious book..

1. Kell and Alucard’s bromance/frenemies relationship. Reading their interactions just gave me frissons of happiness. I know that the reasons for them not liking each other are serious. But they have discussions and seem to reach an understanding, even if that understanding is one of barely tolerating each other. Besides, Rhy deserves them getting along.

2. Kell and Lila. Probably my all time favorite book couple at the moment. They also bring so much happiness. (view spoiler)

3. Alucard. This thought started in book two, but overwhelmed me in this book. He comes off in much the same way (although I don’t know why or how) of the Marquis de Carabas from Neverwhere. He just does. That swagger. That sense of inappropriate humor. It comes together to make it enjoyable.

4. This part came out of left field. So let me just kind of remember my hatred of the King and Queen during book two, because lets face it: they had been despicable. So this time came around and all I could think of was One Tree Hill, season nine. When Dan dies. You basically spent nine seasons hating his guts and suddenly you realize that you don’t actually want him to die, even if he deserved the ending. Yeah, that’s how I felt. As to what actually happened to bring on this change of emotions, read the book.

5. Kell and Rhy having the exact conversation that Kell and Lila did at the end of book one about seeing everything.

… Just go read it. Best. Finale. Ever.

I’m clamoring with the masses. Spinoff. Please. That ending was perfect but I need to know things, ie what happens when Lila has to make good on owing a favor.


One thought on “A Conjuring of Light — V.E. Schwab

  1. I’m currently listening to A Gathering of Shadows. I like book 2 much more than the first book. And I started really enjoying and caring about the characters. Looking forward to A Conjuring of Light.

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