April 2017 Wrap Up

Something to consider this month: I was on vacation for a week and didn’t get a lot of reading done during that week. I spent a lot of time enjoying the pretty scenery and avoiding my grandma’s repeating loop of questions. While I got some reading done on the planes, watching the traffic outside of one of the airports late at night became absolutely worth it. (Why is there so much traffic this late on a Friday night? Oh yeahhh. It’s Friday).

I also enjoyed the Hallmark Mystery and Movie Channel a bit too much. And yeah, I’m getting the hypocrisy of that statement, though the mystery movies aren’t entirely terrible. Mostly I tuned in for Diagnosis Murder followed by Monk almost every morning and never bothered to change the channel afterwards.

This being said, I managed to read four books in their entirety. Kind of. One of them was on my currently reading list. I’m actually taking care of that, so I’ll just be over here patting myself on my back until I let my thoughts on that book be known. It won’t exactly be… pretty.

I’d better get on with it and get things over with, eh? Sorry for any accidental spoilers.

Cress, book three in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. After finishing Scarlet, I had to know what happened. The book sat on my shelves waiting to be read. A lot of people just keep swooning over Captain Thorne. Tangled is my favorite of the Disney movies, so I wanted to see how this got spun. And it did not disappoint. Easily my favorite of the series so far.  I’m not quite getting the swooning over Captain Thorne, but I enjoyed almost everything. And Wolf going crazy/ mourning Scarlet. I wondered why he wandered around the ship with a can of tomatoes and then it hit me and I almost cried. Also, Kai and Cinder. Those last few pages were sweet. Star rating: 4/5.

*I’m looking forward to reading Winter as soon as I can pick it up. Long books don’t generally scare me, but right now, I have enough of them to be daunted for life.*

To Love and to Cherish by Lauren Layne. I let myself near a romance and it didn’t entirely anger me, so there’s that. But I apparently have a maybe unfortunate love of the friends turned lovers trope. I really do. This one played out… interestingly. The banter was top notch. I could imagine Logan’s British accent. Then… Then… That kitchen scene? Not romantic. I repeat: not even remotely romantic. Oh, and that proposal? Seriously? He goes to the bother of bringing her to their meeting place but doesn’t get down on one knee because of freaking peanut shells? I’m out. Despite my harsh words on a few things, I did enjoy the story. Star rating: 3/5

A Murder of Crows, book two in The Others series by Anne Bishop. The title automatically reminded me of that scene from the pilot of One Tree Hill where Haley and Lucas have that talk on all of the different groups of birds. Anyone remember that? Just me. Okayyy. Moving on. Things are getting heated. It’s social commentary city and it is beautiful if not heavy handed. The plot also got just a tad bit convoluted to try and explain. Sadly, or not sadly, no Asia Crane to be horrific this time. Instead, it’s the others versus the humans in a war for the world while in search of more Cassandra Sangues that are being used to make the others go crazy. On another note, I know, I knowww I said I’d be okay if Meg and Simon stayed just friends. Turns out, I’m not okay with that. There is no possible way for them to be together, but I want them to be together. My favorite parts to this book were the discussions on the “friend rules” and how things should work out. Bonus adoration for that opening scene which began it all. Star rating: 5/5

Here it comes… Don’t hate me for having this opinion. We’re allowed to have different opinions and disagree with each other, alright?

Crown of Midnight, book two in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, where I will now somewhat proudly admit to having an unpopular opinion. I liked the book but at the same time I didn’t like it. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t the plot. I mean, Celeana is who she is, and if that means traipsing around the castle by herself, that’s what it means and it provides entertainment. But when there’s a love triangle and neither of the couples appeal to you, it doesn’t make for great reading. Dorian lost my love during book one and he isn’t getting it back. Chaol… well… I like him better but not by much. Really, my problems came from how the romance developed. Then I got to that broom closet scene and lost it. No. No. No. No. No. Blame Grey’s Anatomy all you want, but broom closet sex is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Especially from how my reading of that scene came across. Thankfully the book picked up after the thing happend. Plot twists galore. Chaol pining for Celeana but understanding she needed space. Their talk at the boat. Star rating: I am unable to rate the book at this time because I don’t know if I should stay upset at some things or rate it higher for the plot twists. If I really had to, I’d put the book at a 2.5/5 because to me, plot twists don’t make up for horrible characters and uncompelling romances.

*I might continue on with this series at this point. I might not. Someone will have to convince me.*

Books off of my “to read” list for the year: 1, for a total of 6. I’m shrinking it down, slowly but surely. It helps that I have the blog to remind me.

Books off of my “classics” list: 0.

Books off of my “currently reading” list: 1, which doubles with the “to read” list. Although, I did get a good 75 pages read in A Clash of Kings. Slowly but surely I will get that book read, if only for Tyrion and his ever inspiring wit.

At this point, I’m ahead enough on my goodreads goal that I could probably not finish a book until August and still be ahead. This leaves me time to read the classics and all the hunkers that I put on them. Someone remind me why I did this to myself.

If you can’t tell from some of my responses on how I felt about a couple of the books, I’m going to try and do a blog post in the next few days about how sex isn’t sexy. More like oddly creepy and why do people think it’s romantic. That’ll be fun. (Read into the sarcasm people if you haven’t caught onto it yet). Here’s to hoping I don’t chicken out or forget about writing it!

Does my month sound good? Considering I didn’t think I was going to get anything read, I think I did okay. Let me know thoughts and opinions in the comments!



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