Weirdest Life Goals Imaginable

I’ve been thinking lately what kind of things I want out of life. Not so much where I want to end up, because for the most part, I do know that part. It’s just a matter of getting there. No. At this point, it’s more if I could mix any combinations of characters together, or have certain situations happen, what would I want? What do I kind of want my life to look like?

I can about guarantee that this is not going to be a normal list.

I’d want to mix Kat from 10 Things I hate About You with Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls. Oh, yes, Life goals. There’s a part of me that’s already adhered to Kat. While a senior in high school, I probably watched that movie at least once a week. I needed Kat’s courage so that I wouldn’t care about what people thought about me. I wanted her courage to speak her mind while using eloquent phrasing.

These days  I just kind of want her personality mixed with Paris Geller. Because while Paris is also these things, she’s also just kind of OCD and  competitive. She knows what she wants and goes after with zeal and power.

I’ll never be either of these characters because I am not nearly type A enough. Not even close. Generally this type of person drives me nuts. However, I don’t think that wanting to draw inspiration from a character is necessarily a bad thing.

Hermione isn’t part of that pact. Hm. Yeah, because I basically am her, minus the zeal and the drive. On to the next odd thing for this list.

I want a guy to look at me that way Don looks at Sloan in the season two finale of The Newsroom. He looks at her like he won the lottery. She’s one of the smartest people ever and yet she chose him, not that she’ll ever let him forget it. The way she looks at him isn’t bad, either.

Who am I kidding? I want a relationship like theirs in general.  The episode where they spend the time on the floor (after she was humiliated by an ex via photos) and he promises that the rage phase always comes is one of the best signs of friendship I’ve ever watched. It got better that after her rage phase did indeed come, he defended her actions, saying to leave her alone. Yes, I’m aware that I forgot them on my favorite couples list and I’m trying to figure out how that happened. I regret it, because watching the two of them is pretty much goals.

Then there’s the last thing on this list, which is probably the strangest thing I could possibly imagine. With this, you might want to understand that I tend to pick up on the speech patterns of TV shows. The more I’ve watched a show, the faster I pick back up on it. Or in this case, the more shows created by a certain person.

The West Wing, The Newsroom, Sports Night (my new show addiction). They are all created by Aaron Sorkin. They all share traits, but two things in particular. One is the walk and talk. I’m not particularly interested in trying that out. But there’s another thing the characters do.

Using a few words, the characters (usually only two at a time) keep repeating those words in different combinations while still having a full blown conversation. At first it can be mind boggling. Once you pick up on it, it’s entrancing and can be one of the coolest things.

So, I want to one day be able to do this. Badly. The fact that others in real life haven’t picked up on this strange speech pattern drives me nuts because I want to talk like that.

Then again, no one in their right mind would want to engage in conversation this way and I can’t blame them. I can dream, right? But maybe I don’t want to, because in order to have that sort of conversation, you have to probably be on something. Never mind.

I said that these were strange life goals. I wasn’t joking. Maybe they aren’t as strange as they seem. What do I know? Does these seem like interesting, if not reasonable goals? Maybe I’ll tack on to this at a later date.

Leave any any thoughts in the comments!


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