The Ships I Forgot

Since I wonderfully decided to scathingly review relationships awhile back… Kidding. I actually realized that I forgot a few ships wayyy back in February when I did the whole favorite relationships post. I said I probably would and I’m owning up to it.

Don and Sloan, from The Newsroom. Because goals. Okay. Their friends turned lovers thing is great. They have this ridiculously sweet bond. I could watch their hilarity of learning how to handle things time and time again. Because two commitment phobes learning how to commit is heart melting. Also the fact that Don paid $1,000 and used a fake name to buy her book just so Sloan wouldn’t know that it was him or that he liked her is kind of adorable. So, I’ll just be over here in search of someone that I can sit on the floor and hide from life with. Because we all deserve a relationship like that.

Chuck and Sarah, from Chuck. First off, if you don’t adore Zachary Levi’s tall, gangly, and bumbling frame, I might ask what is wrong with you. (The answer being nothing). But their relationship started in awkwardness and just got worse before it got better. Then he kept trying to win her over, which was somewhat charming. I won’t lie that the show went downhill after their relationship began, but I will always adore it. Their love and the way they sacrificed for each other wins me over. I may think that the show went down in quality after they got together, but that’s a post for another time.

Parker and Hardison, from Leverage. Much love for them. The banter. Her just being absolutely surprised because she doesn’t know how to function as a human. Hardison not so silently pining for her, and letting her know his intentions. Her finally deciding that he was worth it. Him just wondering what the heck he got himself into as they did strange date things. He freaked out because she wanted to rappelling off a building, if that clarifies anything. But then she picked up some of his computer skills, so things kind of evened out. I don’t think that there’s anything ¬†that I don’t like about this relationship, honestly.

Fargo and Holly, from Eureka. One of their biggest selling points for me is that they’re both geniuses. They’ve spent so much time being in the world of science that they don’t know how to be anything but scientists. So watching the two of them is like watching two somewhat grown adults figuring stuff out like they’re teenagers. They have absolutely no clue what they’re doing or how to go about it. It makes everything better, honestly. And it warms my heart and gives me hope for the future. They deserve every happiness.

*Shoutout to Zane and Jo. The two of them are just as awesome, if I’m being honest here. Oh, who am I kidding? I love all the relationships from this show so very much. I miss them.*

Toby and Happy, from Scorpion. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. These two are great. Their banter is great. Him just kind of slowly making her fall for him. He gave up gambling for her. His reaction to the fact that she wasn’t really pregnant. (I repeat, give these two a child in some form). How they’ve learned to work together. Happy has him trained to some degree, to be a better human. I could probably go on.

Well. That’s the updated list. I probably forgot more. Give a year or two and there’ll probably be be more… Since I already have a list growing of my new found ships. That’ll be a blog for another time, if I remember.

So, how’s the updated list? It is good? who would you want to tack on? Leave in the comments!


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