Big Little Lies (Book)

*I didn’t really write a review on goodreads. So not taken and edited. Possible spoilers ahead*

Oh, Calamity.

(That sounds bad, but in reality it’s what at least one of the characters uses to express shock and sometimes displeasure).

Well, I’ll say one thing: this book was a better reading trip than I imagined. It’s a mystery that threw me for a non-mystery loop because of the way it’s packaged. People with good lives and petty grievances don’t generally interest me.

Add in some murder and I’m slightly more interested. Give me a coworker (or anyone, really) who can talk books up and I’m a goner.

Let me dispel one notion: it’s not a mind screw. Not really. The book starts out kind of like the first episode of How to Get Away With Murder: someone is dead. You don’t know who died or how they got there. All you know is that everyone at the party was apparently tipsy if not drunk.

The book then rewinds to the beginning of how everyone got to the point, starting several months earlier. Let me be honest here, at the beginning, when madeline made those suppositions about women who wore work out clothing and that thing about ages? I nearly put the book down, because seriously? What had I just picked up. Books about people with money and trivial issues don’t generally interest me.

But someone was dead so I pressed on. I’m glad I did.

Then you meet Jane. She’s a bit damaged. Her son is adorable. And you can’t help but feel for her as a single mother. Because honestly? The other mothers never gave her a chance. She’s a single mom and therefore, must not how to raise a child.

Then there’s Celeste. There’s a part of me that knows I should be feeling sorry for her. There’s a part of me that absolutely doesn’t. Living in her point of view was painful. Honestly painful. She knows what’s going on. She rationalizes it. Talks herself into knowing that she’s being abused only to rationalize it again. (A part of me knows that this is what abused people do, but it still angers me that this is how it happened). She’d make strides only to backfire.

Actually, living in her point of view wasn’t that painful until she told the psychiatrist that the abuse wasn’t hurting her kids. Oh, honey, no. But I’ll get to that in a second.

Which leads to the ending. Whoaaa. I didn’t see all of that coming. The murder part? Duh. It’s part of the packaging. Everything else? Nope. Not a clue. I had 60 pages left before work and almost considered not going in just to finish.

The two things I did guess on: 

  1. Who died. I hoped and hoped. So glad I was right. He deserved his ending. Perhaps not exactly how it happened, but the fact that it happened.
  2. That one of the twins was bullying Amabella. For a minute I was convinced that it was the two of them together, because kids pay attention. Oh, Celeste…

This book has earned a solid 4 stars for me.  It was good, better than I imagined.

And if someone would pretty please write Jane/Tom fanfiction, I’d be forever grateful. I know that this was not a romance – actually nowhere near – but I want to see how they end up. What am I saying? I could probably do it myself but where’s the fun in that?

*I might be looking towards viewing that HBO series at some point. I’m not entirely  sure I want to. Someone talk me into it, okay?*


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