Me, Myself, & I

My name is Charity. People like to compliment on my name, and I usually tell them in return that my parents are the ones who gave it to me. But most days i like it. I found myself as an English major.  It was the only thing that I loved enough to study to the point of madness. The jury is still out on how much all of those lit classes hurt my brain. These days I work at a library and other things while pondering the great future known as grad school and how badly do I want it.

I love tv shows as well, just not the ones that people would normally think of. Between books and tv, I can easily become somewhat angry and rant for awhile. Whatever I do or don’t like will probably make its way here. So if you see an obscure tv show from like the 80s, don’t worry. I love that stuff. And lots of other weird things. but that’s just me being me. so, take a look. Read possibly ranty blog posts, and hopefully enjoy

*Oh, dear me. I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I tend to reference old posts, assuming that people have actually… I don’t know? Gone through and read all of them and understand my stances on a lot of things IE: Hallmark movies and romance books. To me, it builds a sense of community but I can understand how it might feel confusing. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask!*



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